Hello Dear Soul!

You have likely done a lot of good work on your personal and spiritual development – that is great! However, there can still be issues that you have worked on and worked on, but to no avail.

Persistent issues and situations that seem hopeless may require a different approach. Addressing such issues at a mental or emotional level can make you feel better, for a while.

In actuality, the root of these issues can be much deeper – at soul level. Such issues then need to be cleared at that level so they can be completely resolved.

My intention is to empower you with soul level knowledge and clear negative energies so you can create a fantastic life.


An Akashic Record reading can help you:


Akashic Record Readings

Akashic Record readings are tailored specifically to you. Whether you are yearning for knowledge of who you are at soul level or are experiencing difficulties you want to move past – or both! –  a reading can bring you so much clarity and help you get unstuck. Most sessions include soul-level clearing work as well. Scroll down to read more about the readings offered.


iCoaching (short for Intuitive Coaching) sessions are lead by your intention. They help you take consistent steps towards manifesting your goals. In each session, we work together to keep you on track using tools like energy scans, channeled prayers, guided meditations, and Spirit Guide messages. They are great accompaniments to an Akashic Record reading and clearing.

Soul Profile & Realignment Package

For those who want to discover their special gifts that are intrinsic to their Divine nature, and break through major limiting patterns and behaviours. This comprehensive package is a great session to start with. You learn about who you are at Soul level, get an energetic tune up, and get clearing for the major past life blocks that are holding you back.

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Life Situation Reading

This readings is for those who want to focus on specific issues / difficulties that they're experiencing. This is a fantastic follow-up session after you've done the Soul Profile & Realignment Package. It also works well as a standalone if you have certain things you specifically want to target.

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Relationship Reading

For those who want a deeper understanding of who their partner / child / parent / etc. is at Soul level and want insight and clearing for issues they're experiencing in the relationship. Clarity around the root cause of relationship issues, along with clearing work, can restore peace and harmony.

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Spirit Guide Profile Reading

This session is for those who would like to get to know their Spiritual Support Team and learn how to work with them. You'll learn about their Divine natures and energy, their names, their appearance, the impulses they use to get your attention, and any messages they have for you.

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