What it Really Takes to Manifest Your Desires


What does fruit have to do with manifesting? Oh boy! Let me tell you…

The often over-looked aspect of manifesting that many people want to ignore because it’s the hardest is: Actually shifting our physical vibration. It would be so wonderful if we could magically wish ourselves into new circumstances!

But the reality is that our actual physical vibration needs to shift before we can truly embody a new state and therefore attract the new circumstances we want.

Sorry if that burst any bubbles you may have had…

AND to do this, we need to make changes in ALL areas of our life – not just the one that we want to manifest something in.

I’ve got a great example to bring this concept home. My intention is to manifest growth in my business so I can positively impact the lives of more people – that’s a business/money/career intention. So I’m taking new action that excites me in that area, but it doesn’t stop there.

I need to make changes at the level of my health too, which I am.

At the 8 day silent meditation course I recently completed we didn’t have dinner. Our last meal of the day was at 11am. So I brought a version of this home for my husband and I – we now eat fruit bowls and rice crackers for dinner. And it is amazing! I feel lighter, no grogginess in the evening, more energy. So cool. And not easy. Making a big change to our routine takes effort and time and adjusting.

But it doesn’t stop there either! I’ve also started doing 3 minute zumba videos in the mornings Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Mixing up and spicing up my exercise routine.

And lastly, I’m doing a series of new stretches daily. That rounds out my new health related actions – and keep in mind that I’m wired for variety at soul level so I need to take a variety of new actions. Those wired for consistency would only need to take new action in one area, but do it way more often.

This takes care of the new empowered actions I’m doing at the physical level for health and exercise.

But there need to be NEW actions in another area as well – relationships.

It’s so neat how health, money/career, and relationships are all intertwined energetically. We need to make changes in all 3 areas to create and sustain a new vibration and manifest what we want.

In my relationships I’m finding new ways to embody the empowered energetic state too. It takes creativity and effort, and it can be fun! But for some people, it’s too much work, lol. Manifesting isn’t for the faint of heart. And there may be energetic blocks stopping you from being able to take certain positive new actions.

To sum it up – three ways to change your vibration at the physical level so you can manifest what you want are to:

  • Switch up your diet and/or exercise routine – obviously making it more healthy (not less!)
  • Think of a new way to monitor or operate with your finances/business/career and then commit to doing that for at least 21 days
  • Think of 2-3 new actions you can take to bring the energy of your intention into your relationships (doesn’t have to be romantic relationships, can be any relationships – even the relationship with yourself) then do them consistently

The key is to do these new actions consistently for at least 21 days so you fully embody the energies at the physical level. That’s what causes shifts and new wonderful circumstances to unfold!

I’d love to hear how this works for you if you try it out : )

In love, light and truth,

Twyla K

Twyla K is the owner of Soul Shine Healing & Coaching. She offers free energy scans to help people who are tired of feeling stuck uncover where their energetic blocks are so they can re-ignite their soul sparkle for life. Email Twyla at soulshine@twylak.com to book your free scan today!

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