The Separation Myth

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Something I’ve been grappling with for a while is this notion that is prevalent in many teachings that God/Source/Spirit/Creator of All That Is is separate from us. Specifically that it is above us in a hierarchical set up. And we are below. Being raised a Christian, this was part of what I learned when I grew up.

And for many years of my life I believed this. But then, after a particularly consciousness expanding meditation experience I had back in 2006 in Thailand, I 100% knew that I was not separate from Source. I experienced that every cell of my being held Divine intelligence and that I was Source/Source was inside me.

Despite having this tangible experience, I still did other meditations with teachers where I would “go up” to experience the Divine and then bring it “down” into myself. Which seemed odd. It was nice, but it didn’t really fit with what I knew to be true.

This became even more apparent when I studied Soul Realignment, because it made it clear that each soul is made from Source energy. So there is no separateness. My soul animates me, if it weren’t connected to my body, I’d be dead.

But still I struggled… Until I started studying ThetaHealing and one paragraph jumped out at me and made it all make sense. In ThetaHealing you “go” up to the 7th Plane to do the work. So the author explains how this both is and isn’t the case:

“When you go to the Seventh Plane using this process, the perception is that you are going outside yourself, out into the universe to the far reaches of the cosmos and through a portal into creation. In a way this is true, but not in the way you might think. Inside every person there is a tiny universe that is identical to the vastness of All That Is.

“So, what do we find inside ourselves? We find that inside each of us there is the Creative Force, Source and God. Infinity is inside us as well as outside. So where are you going when you go up and seek God? […] You are entering into the nucleus of an atom. Each time that you connect to the Creator, you go on a journey in the inner vastness. This journey connects you to your own atoms and also brings you to the awareness of the outside universe of infinite energy and to the realization that God is in every atom.

“So you go on a journey inside yourself to find the Creator-self that is inside you and outward to the cosmic consciousness.”

Pretty neat hey?! Now I can finally make peace with the whole going outside myself because it’s simply me connecting to the cosmic consciousness. Everything already exists in me, but it’s a handy way to feel into a more expanded experience and connection.

I hope that makes sense : )

If you have any comments re: your own understandings or experiences, please share!

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