The Fascinating Power of Connected Consciousness





Client, in a slightly hesitant voice: “So… when did you do the actual work in my Akashic Record?”

Me: “Well, I started on it several days ago.”

Client: “Oh… I see. Because I started feeling different at about that time, like I had a huge burst of energy and I started cleaning my house and working on that project I’d been putting off forever! And I totally handled this situation I’ve been struggling with in a different good way!”

I love hearing this and it highlights two very fascinating things:

  1. Shared consciousness as a standalone and also as it applies to healing too
  2. The power of consciousness and the effects of soul realignment

To the first point, the only way / explanation for my clients feeling the shift the moment I’m in their Akashic Record doing my research into their blocks is that we all share consciousness. Their and my consciousness clearly are even more directly linked, I believe through the agreement we make for me to initiate Akashic Record clearing work on their behalf.

So the moment that I bring to light and to my consciousness their root cause blocks, they instantly feel and know it at a deep unconscious level. Just like the flower of life in the picture above, we’re all like little individual seeds that are connected to everyone else.

Now, this fascinating phenomenon does typically happen more with my energetically sensitive clients, but I have also noticed it in “normal” folks’ sessions too, lol. I remember one such lady asking me when I’d done the work in her Akashic Record because she’d been able to not get totally pissed off at the father of her child [who she’s no longer with] in a situation a few days ago where he bailed on her and she would have normally freaked out.

She was able to remain calm and handle the situation much differently. And this was even before we talked about the hook she had that energetically attached her to her ex, her negative Spirit Guide, and the Vows that were all the root causes of her not being able to move on from him, which she dearly wanted to do.

To the second point, consciousness really does equal power. And as I touched on last week, it equals responsibility too. Soul realignment, funnily enough, realigns you to who you are at Soul level. It clears away the blocks that were keeping you from being able to be the real you and in doing so not only makes those previously blocked off actions/ways of being available to you again, but also gives you a nice blast aka in-flow of vital force energy.

This vital force energy boost literally gives you a nice big burst of motivation, good feelings, and energy. You can use this energy for any number of things, but the hope/idea is that when we then bring your consciousness to the negative patterns you were stuck in, you use the energy to take positive new actions.

It’s like you’re a car with gunky old nasty oil – all clogged up and moving slow, and also lost – driving around in circles. Through the inflow of vital force energy, it’s like giving you an oil change and tune up so things are flowing as they should again and you’re really able to get moving again.Vroom vroom!

And not only that, but you get clear on the direction you need to be going so you’re able to get where you want to go. This part happens when we look at the negative patterns you were spinning around in circles unconsciously in and determine what you can do differently now.

I absolutely love it when clients tell me they felt a HUGE shift even before our phone session together, it makes my day. It also helps me take my ego out of the work I do because I’m simply the catalyst.

I’m the Akashic Record Librarian who goes in and does the research and brings muchly needed-to-know things to light so they can be released and you can determine what you need to do differently to change your life.

That’s it, LOL. Luckily it’s a pretty specialized niche though and not everyone is doing it : )

In love, light and truth,

Twyla K

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