Step 1 to Take Back Your Power

img_1721Are you your own source of truth and power or do you unconsciously give it away to everyone else?

Bear with me as I use an analogy to explain this abstract and insidious concept…

I feel it’s one that is very important and needs to be shared and therefore it’s important to try to explain it as best I can.

And I also feel that sooooo many people, especially ladies because many of us were not taught how to trust ourselves growing up, have this way of being set as our default from a very early age.

The good news is that you can do something about it, but you MUST first become aware of it.

So let’s crank up your awareness on this disempowering way of being so you can start turning the tables on it asap.

Imagine that you have a tiny balloon inside you and inside this balloon is a control center. From this control center decisions about self esteem, confidence, worthiness, how you react to things – pretty much everything important – are made.

If this balloon control center resides inside YOU where it’s supposed to be then all is good. Your sense of worth and value comes from within you, you decide what’s right for you, you are authentic and empowered.

BUT, if at a young age you were not taught to trust yourself, you had controlling parents or people in your life who were judgmental and told you what was what and didn’t let you decide on how you felt about things, then….

This little balloon control center floated up, out of you, and took up residence external to you.

When I was growing up I honestly thought the God as described in the Christian organized religion was always watching me. So I was always critiquing what I was doing from outside myself.

In reality and as I understand it now, what I was doing was moving my consciousness external to myself and judging myself. No wonder I spent the first half of my life being so ridiculously ungrounded and self-critical!

As a kid I also learned quickly that I could control people’s reactions based on how I looked and acted. So I would do that. I needed to do it to survive childhood.

But then I kept doing this as an adult and so was rarely showing up fully as myself. I was showing up as the person that would create the most pleasant outcome and least amount of waves in each situation.

That’s why at the age of 32 when I had the opportunity (unwanted of course but still…) to start life again, I knew I needed to take back ownership of my balloon control center.

It’s been my life’s work for the past 6 years and I can honestly say it is sooooo worth it.

As your balloon control center moves back to its rightful place inside you, wondrous things begin to happen:

  • true fulfillment
  • attraction of people who really get you
  • increased self worth
  • ability to own your value

Now that you understand this balloon control center concept, ask yourself: Where does yours reside?

Does it stay securely put in your core center?

Does it mostly reside in your core but make trips external to you at times?

Or is it pretty much always outside of you?

When you answer this you’ll have a clear sense of how much work you need to start doing to bring your balloon control center back to where it belongs.

And then I hope you do actually do this work because the world needs you showing up fully as you. It needs your unique gifts.

You weren’t meant to be what other people or society told you you should you be, you are meant to be fully unapologetically and ecstatically YOU!

Love and light,

Twyla K

Twyla K is a Soul Clarity Coach, Akashic Record Alchemist, and owner of Soul Shine Healing, Coaching & Orgonite. Twyla geeks out about all the cool Soul level aspects that make each person a unique Divine being. She loves diving deep with people to help them uncover the Soul level blocks that are sabotaging them so they’re then able to take a stand for their Truth and create fulfilling lives congruent to it. Click Here to apply for a Clarity Session and connect with Twyla today!

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