The Power of Soul Aligned Flow!


Something absolutely beautiful happens when you know who you are at Soul level and you live in line with that…

You have more access to Divine Source energy, more flow in your life, more abundance – it’s amazing. The more I live into my purpose and express my Divine gift and nature in what I do, the better life gets.

I went through a very dark time from 2011 to 2014. This was when Sang, the man I was engaged to, got diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer; underwent horrific chemo, radiation and surgeries; and then passed away. What followed was 2 years of intense grief.

During this time my energy took a massive hit. I could do very little – maybe one social activity per week on good weeks. Slowly this did improve, but it definitely has lingered even till now.

5 years since Sang passed, as I truly embrace and live into my purpose of bringing love, light, healing and consciousness to the world, I’m finally noticing that my energy level is increasing.

It seems crazy to think that it took 5 years to finally feel almost back to “normal”. And I do understand that I’m working with a new normal, not exactly what I had before.

I also really feel and know deeply that this recent internal expansion is because of my external expansion. When you express the Divine energies you are naturally abundant in, you attract more abundance in your life because like attracts like.

I wish I could connect everyone to the truth of who they are at Soul level! That’s one of my life missions. Well, to connect as many people as I can…

What’s your deep purpose? What lights you up? Are you doing that? Do you feel connected that? Or is it something that feels like it’s beyond your grasp?

It doesn’t have to! You can connect to it and then work on bringing your unique light more and more into the world. The world definitely needs more of this : )

In love, light and truth,


Twyla K is the owner of Soul Shine Healing & Coaching. She offers free energy scans to help people who are tired of feeling stuck uncover the truth of what’s energetically holding them back and get their soul sparkle for life back. Email Twyla at soulshine@twylak.com to book your free scan today!

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