Soul Shine Sessions


Soul Clarity Blueprint

Gain clarity into the Truth and beauty of who you truly are by receiving in clear terms what your Soul Gifts are and how to bring them into your human experience. Receive very clear insight into why you feel disconnected from it and unable to access it. Includes energy healing, clearing, a follow-up intuitive coaching session and customized prayer practice.

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Truth Serum Session

Receive clarity about what's really holding you back so you can reconnect with your Soul Truth and start moving towards what you truly want. Helps you release old and negative behaviours and patterns that keep you from creating the beautiful life that you desire and deserve. Empowers you as you take responsibility for your own healing as you have the opportunity to connect with and stand in your own truth again. Includes energy clearing, healing, action plan and customized prayer practice.

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Spirit Guide Connection Session

Gain invaluable insight into the Spirit Guides who’ve got your back! Everyone has between 4-6 Personal Spirit Guides assigned specifically to them for this lifetime. They’re with us at all times so we're never really alone. When you know exactly who is on your team and their unique energies and skill sets - you can work with them consciously to make life flow a whole lot easier!

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Home Sweet Home Energy Clearing

Your home should be your sanctuary - your place to recharge and relax that supports your well-being. If you feel like your home is actually doing the opposite, or there's some funky energy not supporting your highest good - then it's definitely time for an energy clearing.

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