Akashic Record Readings

Are you ready to uncover your Truth at the deepest level, at Soul level?

There is a wealth of information in your Akashic Record, including: the main energy your Soul is made of, special skills your Soul is gifted in, and ways you are specifically wired to manifest with ease.

As an Akashic Record Librarian I am able to access this invaluable information for you!

I hold sacred space for you to step into a greater version of yourself because I can see your beautiful Soul potential.

You are not your blocks and negative patterns. Let's uncover them, clear them, and be done with them!

 From my time spent as an e-Learning Consultant in oil and gas, it's important to me and I'm wired to do high-quality, accurate and thorough work.

I spend significant time on each and every session.

This type of research in your Soul Record takes hours of deep work and a lot of energy on my part that extends outside of the actual session we have together.

It's a devotion that goes far beyond what you see.

This is to ensure that I remain a clear and pure channel in alignment with Love and Light, and so I can deliver the most clear and accurate information possible to you.

Mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally I keep myself clean and healthy - while still enjoying life of course! I run and exercise regularly, meditate 45 minutes every day, do 10-day silent meditation courses, to name a few things.

But enough about me, let's get back to you : )

If you're ready to raise your vibration and see big results, let's talk.

Akashic Record Reading & Clearing

Akashic Record readings are tailored specifically to you. Whether you are yearning for knowledge of who you are at soul level or are experiencing difficulties you want to move past – or both! –  a reading can bring you so much clarity and help you get unstuck. Most sessions include soul-level clearing work and 21-day prayer homework as well.

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Spirit Guide Coaching

In the Spirit Guide Coaching Program we work directly with your Inner Circle Spirit Guide team. These are the Guides who have been with you throughout all of your life and want to help you achieve your highest path and purpose. Your Guides provide insightful, personalized guidance to help you take consistent steps towards manifesting your goals.

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Spirit Guide Profile Reading

This session is for those who would like to get to know their Spiritual Support Team and learn how to work with them. You'll learn about their Divine natures and energy, their names, their appearance, the impulses they use to get your attention, and any messages they have for you.

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Home Sweet Home Property Clearing

Your home should be your sanctuary - your place to recharge and relax that supports your well-being. If you feel like your home is actually doing the opposite, or there's some funky energy not supporting your highest good in your home - then it's definitely time for a property clearing.

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