Type B

Spirit Guide Reading

This session is for those who would like to get to know their Inner Circle Spirit Guide Team and learn how to work with them.

Get to know the Spirit Guides who’ve got your back! Everyone has between 4-6 Spirit Guides assigned specifically to them for this lifetime. They’re with us at all times and help us on our spiritual path and in the fulfillment of our highest path and purpose. And they help with the every-day things too : )

Your Guides provide you with inspiration based on your intentions, so it’s very helpful to acknowledge their presence and work with them intentionally.

In this reading you gain invaluable insight into who each of your Guides are at Soul level. You’ll learn about their Divine natures and energy, their names, their appearance, the impulses they use to get your attention, and any messages they have for you.

US$127 for a 45 minute session

This reading includes the work I do in your Akashic Record prior to the session (1 hour). As a bonus, you receive an audio recording of the session.

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