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Home Sweet Home Property Clearing

For those who want the energy in their home to be nurturing, supportive and positive.

Your home should be your sanctuary – your place to recharge and relax that supports your well-being. If you feel like your home is actually doing the opposite, or there’s some funky energy not supporting your highest good in your home – then it’s definitely time for a property clearing.

Our homes have Akashic Records just like us, albeit they’re a lot simpler because things happen “to” homes. In a Property Clearing Session we identify and clear all the negative energies being held in your home, and brainstorm actions and design strategies to bring in new positive energies that will nurture you.

Often after clients up-level vibrationally via an Akashic Record reading and clearing, they begin to notice their home feels off because it’s vibrationally where they used to be. In these cases, doing an energetic property clearing can bring your home into alignment with your new amazing self!

US $97 for a 30 minute session

This reading includes the work I do in your Akashic Record prior to the session (1 hour) and energetic property clearing. As a bonus, you receive an audio recording of the session.

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