What is Sacred?


As I worked on a Spirit Guide Reading this morning, something really big hit me:

This is beautiful and sacred work.

The word that stuck out most was SACRED.

Then I thought, in our day-to-day lives, there is so much that is not sacred: fast food, road rage, mind-numbing work to name a few things.

What is sacredness even? What does that word mean to you? What feelings and deep Soul stirrings does it invoke in you?

The work I do is not plugging in to the 9-5 routine. Even though I’m a modern day kinda mystic – I channel Spirit Guide messages onto my MacBook – there is still something deeply sacred and reverent in what I do.

What hit me this morning though was this: we can bring the sacred into all we do.

I want you to sit with that a while. Let it steep. Let ideas on how to do it percolate. Allow answers to come from your Soul.

How can you make every action, interaction, intention a reverent one?

Reverence is simply doing something with deep respect. And one of the definitions of the word sacred is connection to God / Spirit / Source / Creator (or whatever word resonates for you).

Can you imagine what life would be like if you treated everything you did and others did as sacred? I can! And I think it would be freaking fantastic…

This week’s blog is short, sweet and sacred. I do not want to dilute the main message.

In love, light and truth,

Twyla K

Twyla K is the owner of Soul Shine Healing & Coaching. She offers Clarity Sessions to help people who are tired of feeling stuck uncover what they truly want, what’s blocking them, and what they can do about it. Click Here to apply for a Clarity Session today!

2 thoughts on “What is Sacred?

  1. What came to mind when I read this blog :
    This every day world can bog us down but if we express ourselves with love and compassion to others, we open ourselves up to their love and compassion…

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