Soul Shine
Are you living your truth?
Are you deeply connected to who you truly are and creating a life congruent to that?
Do you love what you’re doing and the people you’re surrounded by?
If not, and you’re actually experiencing:
Confusion and struggle
Lack of confidence in yourself
Energy drain from other people
Then it may be time to step up and make some changes.


What if you could experience:
Knowledge and understanding of who you are at the deepest level
Freedom from old negative patterns so you can create what you really want
A new refreshingly authentic and fulfilling life path
It is possible!


And hey, we’ve all made stupid choices in life - whether it was this lifetime or past lifetimes. So don’t beat yourself up about where you’re at right now. It’s all perfect and it can be changed, all you have to do is take the first step and decide that you want to do things differently.
This will require some healing and some guidance, because let’s be honest – if you knew what to change to make your life better you’d have done it by now.
The first piece is a huge dose of clarity. Clarity of who you truly are and clarity around how you powerfully created everything in your life.
You can’t keep blaming other people, circumstances, or … whatever else it is you're blaming. You gotta own this and the part you played in creating all your current experiences. Bust out of victim mode!


The good news is that once you own the part you played, the negative residue can be cleared. You DO NOT have to keep repeating those karmic patterns forever.
Clearing opens the door for you to take new actions in your life that were totally off limits before – that you felt completely blocked from and incapable of doing.
Clearing work DOES NOT make your life change overnight. That’s up to you! You must take new action to create new circumstances.
You powerfully created all the crap, now you get to powerfully un-create it. Or a happier way of putting that would be – you now get to powerfully create what you DO want.
I have two programs that can support you in doing this – Transformational Healing Journey into Living Your Truth: 8 week and 6 month programs.

In these programs you will:

  • Start with a Soul Clarity Blueprint session
  • Connect to your beautiful Soul with information about your Divine Gifts
  • Release deep rooted energetic blocks and negative patterns that are keeping you stuck and in struggle
  • Reconnect to Soul level parts of you that were previously blocked
  • Continuously shift your energy and align through new action to your desired results
  • Receive ongoing email support

Clients I've worked with in this program have experienced:

  • Huge positive shifts in their lives
  • New purpose and direction that feels aligned to who they truly are
  • Laser focus on what they need to change and how to change it
  • Valuable accountability to keep them on track to their goals
  • Clearer communication with their Spirit Guides
  • More confidence, improved personal boundaries, and better self care
  • More ease and grace

If this sounds exciting and you feel ready to powerfully and spiritually create some amazing results in your life, Click Here to apply for a Clarity Session with me.

We’ll talk about where you're at, where you want to be, what you feel is blocking you, and how I can help.



Client Love

“My name is Elsa and I have been on a huge spiritual journey. In 2012, I had to have 3 surgeries within 4 months, which I was diagnosed with a very rare cancer. Since then I have experienced very deep transformational healing on emotional and physical levels. I am so grateful to have met Twyla when I did. She is an Earth Angel and it was no accident when she came into my life. I have experienced numerous sessions with her and I am very grateful for the progress that has been made throughout this time.

The most recent “enough is enough” point that had me work with Twyla for a full program was getting so angry with someone that it scared me – very much an eye opener. Anger was impacting the relationships in my life as well as my physical body. It blocked me from being the best person I could be.

The other issues going on in my life that were addressed in the program were: realizing the importance of self care; accepting that I did not need to feel guilty for saying no to others; understanding the issues with the men in my life (father, husband, son, nephew); learning my value in my marriage and to others; and speaking up before blowing up.

As a result of going through the program, I am now receiving more guidance, and still opening to the guidance, and I feel my life is going in a more positive direction. I have created goals and a better link with my spiritual team.

I would highly recommend Twyla’s program because it is a great investment in yourself and well worth the spiritual experience. I am noticing how much easier things fall into place when I do follow my team’s guidance. If you allow yourself to be open to great healing and learning, you won’t be disappointed. For me, it helped me blossom again after I started to shrink up.”


Elsa P.

“Before working with Twyla I was unhappy at my job, wanted to start a new business, and felt a lot of fear and uncertainty about the future. I was consumed by feelings of stress, ambivalence, fear, guilt, and self doubt.

Then I had a Soul Clarity Blueprint Reading with her and I was so excited to try something different. I love Twyla’s amazing calm and gentle disposition. She is so insightful and bright.

Since doing a full program with Twyla, I am now leaving my current job and fully embracing my new career. All the decisions I was struggling about professionally and personally have worked out. I am more present, more confident, and feel like I am living my purpose…finally.”


Sybil Webb

“I knew I wanted to better myself and I’d tried techniques on my own but they were not working. I had seen a therapist for relationship issues, but she felt that I had gotten all the help that I could from her services.

Twyla’s program really helped me examine small aspects of my life and improve those small small parts across multiple sessions. Improving those seemingly small aspects of my life brought a lot of combined big changes. Boundaries and self worth were challenges that I needed help with in regards to my romantic relationship, business relationships and social relationships. Improving on these helped all relationships of worth, become more enjoyable… including the relationship with myself. :)

As a result of the program, I have added income and peace of mind from a very quiet roommate. I have good business advice and an achievable checklist to help me towards success. I definitely take time to have fun now. I was able to close out a past negative relationship; even though it was quite burdensome, the advice from the guides was very useful and logical. I now am conscious of what I want in a future relationship and am able to better set boundaries that support my self worth.”


Ellice Sanchez

“I have struggled for several years trying to figure out what my real purpose is and knowing who I should serve and how. It impacted my self-esteem. Not moving forward reduced my earnings. It was all snowballing steadily downward. Fear of taking the wrong step or of writing the wrong words had kept me paralyzed.

I have been at the “enough is enough” point a number of times in the past 5 or 6 years. And nothing has really helped me. And, to be honest, I felt like Twyla’s program showed up in my life for a reason. And it was time to try a new approach.

I have been in various coaching programs and mastermind groups in the past. I have had people tell me what I should and should not do in my business. By that I mean in the sense that they knew better than I who my target market should be. We would set goals one week and never talk about those things again. It just was never focused. Between Twyla and my spirit guides, I learned to have laser focus on what needed to be done!

Through the program I worked through a lot of ‘things’ in my life, did a lot of soul searching, and now have a new direction for my business. I now have a plan and a purpose. It still takes work, but I have more confidence than I have had in a while. I have completed the first draft for my book and am working on plans for 2017. In order to discover my purpose, I had to do a lot of inner work. Looking at what I have done and what I liked or didn’t like about it. Looking at what I have passion for and why. It took a lot of work, but I have clarity now. I also discovered during this time that I am my own primary source of stress in my life. Just knowing that was true has helped a lot in reducing that stress. I am now clear on how I describe myself in the business world – an author and publisher. And I know which direction I am going.

I would recommend Twyla’s Program to anyone who is looking for unique guidance, as long as they are willing to do the work.”


Barbara McNeely