Positive Thought Process for when Adversity Strikes

Christmas teeth

All I want for Christmas is my one front tooth! WAH!

I am going to share something with you that I’m embarrassed about – I have been missing my left front tooth since August. It’s been horrible. It’s a long story, but essentially a tooth I’d had root cannalled before just popped off one day while I was flossing.

No, I haven’t been walking around toothless! I have a temporary one I use during the day.

But it’s been really crappy.

And so when I was told that my new crown was finally finished after having so many appointments, and I went in to the dentist yesterday to get it put on for good. But I ended up leaving in the same state I’d arrived in….

Yeah, I was crying my eyes out, hating life, hating my situation, there was a lot of negativity going on…

And I wanted to feel crappy. I did not want cheering up. I wanted to wallow. So I did.

For 1 day.

4 years ago when I was in the depths of grief, a counselor told me that it’s good to feel the emotions, it’s necessary to process them, but it’s not a place to stay. She taught me to put a time limit on how long I would stay in my super sad crying states.

This process stuck with me.

And this experience helped remind me what it’s like to get my hopes WAY up and then have them smashed. It sucks.

To be honest, when life is going along swimmingly, it can be hard to remember what feeling gutted is like. So in a strange way, this was a helpful experience to remind me that I’m not above having issues. Oh no, I’m not : )

Shit happens. And this brings up two big important points:

  1. Being spiritual does not mean your life will be perfect, that you will be trial and tribulation free. That’s not realistic. We are still living in this human 3D experience, and so human 3D issues will still pop up. Being spiritual does mean that you will have the tools to handle it better.
  2. It takes self-control and making a choice to shift from feeling shitty into an, at minimum, not so shitty state. A life coach I worked with described it as unplugging from one state like telephone operators did back in the day to switch lines. Then plugging into a state that was slightly happier. It didn’t mean leaping into ecstasy, that’s unrealistic and sets you up for a nice big fall back down. No, it’s a gradual, day-by-day process where I intentionally climbed out of the grief hole I was in.

To return to point 1 for a moment, I found Cathy Catching’s book Healing with Angel Talk to have some great advice on healthy perspectives to have when adversity hits.

After the initial and very natural/normal emotional reaction storm passes there are two potential positive perspectives you can use:

  • Understand that the event was purposeful and so even though it sucked, it needed to happen. You may not understand why it had to happen at this time (or ever), but trust that it needed to. This allows you to detach from needing to “get to the bottom of it”, which is a huge deal because it frees you up mentally, emotionally and energetically to move forward.
  • The event was simply not that important. Like I said before, sometimes shit happens. Again, the longer you dwell on it and stay stuck, the longer it will take you to dust yourself off and start creating what you do want again.

If you can make the above thought process into a habit, it can become a very valuable tool in navigating future adverse events.

And as for my tooth, at the end of my sad day I told myself, “Tomorrow is a new day.” I set the intention to be in a more positive mindset and I did wake up feeling better.

While angry thoughts at my dentist are still flitting through my head, they are less consuming. I called other dentists and got quotes so I feel empowered and I am even more determined to get my new tooth now.

In love, light, and tooth – I mean truth,

Twyla K


Twyla K is the owner of Soul Shine Healing & Coaching. She offers Clarity Sessions to help people who are tired of feeling stuck uncover their blocks, what they truly want, and get their soul sparkle for life back. Click Here to apply for a Clarity Session today!

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