Past Life Vows = Big Present Life Issues


You know when you decide to join a religious or other spiritual organization, and then you partake in a ritual to initiate you, and in that ritual you make a very solemn Vow? Well, that type of thing stays in your Soul Record and can have very far-reaching effects…

Ok, so maybe none of us decided to do that in this lifetime. In this lifetime and in this day and age Vow making is a little less common.

But in days and centuries gone by – it’s fair to say that we probably all made a Vow of some sort.

What sort you ask?

Well, the most common Vows I see are Obedience, Chastity, Poverty, Suffering, Sacrifice and Silence.

A less common one that popped up in a reading recently was a Vow of Charity, so cool to find! Well, for me as a Soul Geek but not for my client…

I suppose in a good way for the client too though because clearing it made a HUGE difference asap.

This dang Vow of Charity had my client giving and giving and giving. And giving.

Her intention for what she wanted to create in the next 3-6 months was to get her finances in order, and her big goal was to not be working at a J-O-B past the age of 40. So this girl needed to start saving.

But that was just not happening when she had this Vow of Charity going on. Friends and family would ask for money, sizable chunks of money, and she would lovingly give it to them and never see it again.

Obviously this was not helping her reach her goal.

So when I did my research in her Soul Record and discovered and cleared this Vow of Charity, we were able to shift things in a big way fast.

The Universe typically puts new opportunities (aka challenges) in our path so we can choose a healthier way of being post-Akashic Record clearing. And this happened for my client.

Within the first week after her session an old friend asked for a large sum of money (a friend who she’d already lent money in the past and had not paid her back). And a family member also needed money, again someone who she’d given money to in the past and it was like a black hole – she never saw any of it again.

Post-clearing she was able to – and this is massive – WITHOUT FEELING GUILTY – say no to both people.

She was also internally able to discern between healthy charity – giving a small sum to a friend who was actively working to help herself, vs. unhealthy charity – giving to people who really should be able to figure out their issues and support themselves on their own.

I learned a lot from her too! Charity can be a beautiful thing, but it can also be debilitating if it’s not done appropriately. This lady has the biggest heart and truly loves helping others, and now she can do it in a way that works for her too.

As you can see, this past life Vow had my client stuck in a pattern of over-giving. By identifying and clearing the Vow, and getting clarity around the new positive energy and way of being she wanted to bring in instead – this lady is now on her way to achieve her intention of getting her finances in order.

I’m so proud of her!

Of course it will take work at the physical third-dimensional level to make it happen and for her to actually put her finances in order. With the Vow cleared she was able to take that first big step in the right direction – the major block to her being able to do it is gone – and I know she’s committed to taking all the needed next steps to see it through.

In love, light and truth,

Twyla K


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