Soul Attuned, Intention Activated Orgonite


Soul Shine Pyramids

When Soul Alchemy meets Orgone Technology, the result is a powerful life uplifting experience and beautiful positive energy generating pyramid.

Each custom made pyramid is attuned to the energy of your soul and is designed specifically to assist you in reaching the exciting new intention you feel most drawn to embrace in this moment.

Examples of intentions include healing, love, abundance, but often get WAY more specific. You can dive as deep as you're ready for so you can get the most out of your pyramid experience.

Everything that goes into the pyramid is intuitively selected to uphold specific energies to support you in reaching your intention and enhance your Soul’s unique energies. When placed into the pyramid, these amazing energies flow forth along with the other positive and energy balancing effects of the orgonite. I use non-toxic environmentally friendly resin.

The Herkimer diamond in the tip of each pyramid is infused with your Divine Soul Blueprint - the pure vibrational essence of who you are at your highest potential.

You also receive a video explanation of your pyramid - the overall vision, each crystal's energetic properties, the sacred geometry, and why each element was selected specifically for your pyramid.

So I can do the energy work for your pyramid I need some information from you as well as your intention for the pyramid and what you want to create in your life as a result of working with it. You can fill out an order form by Clicking Here.

Each pyramid is custom handmade when ordered, so is typically ready to ship in 2-3 weeks.
Personal 2.5" x 2.5" x 2.5" pyramids are US$60.
Medium 3.5" x 3.5" x 3.5" pyramids are US$95.
Large 5" x 5" x 5" are US$150. 
Shipping $5 for small and medium, $10 large within the US. I do ship internationally too!

Want Your Very Own Custom Made Orgonite Pyramid?

Soul Shine Pendants

With a Soul Shine Orgonite Pendant, you are able to take all the amazing positive energy generating abilities of an orgonite piece with you wherever you go!

Not only are these pendants gorgeous, they are also highly energetically functional.

Each pendant is two sided with a combination of a sacred symbol, sacred geometry, other symbol, and / or crystals on it.

Soul Shine Orgonite Pendants come in two varieties:
1. Soul attuned, intention activated, OR
2. Straight up positive energy generating orgonite

Soul attuned and intention activated pendants contain a Herkimer diamond in the middle, which is infused with your Divine Soul Blueprint at its time of origination = the positive energies your Soul is abundant in. And then the crystals in the pendant are energetically activated to help you reach your intention.

These amazing energies flow forth along with the other positive and energy balancing effects of the orgonite.

Pendants come with black stainless steel curb chains in 18 or 21 inch 💓

Soul attuned, intention activated pendants come with a video explanation of your pendant too.

Pendants are handmade when ordered, so are typically ready to ship in 1 to 2 weeks. 

Email Twyla to order yours today!


Soul Shines Stones

Orgonite on the go - or wherever you need! These Soul Shine Stones can accompany you wherever life takes you and are perfect for use in your home, office, and meditation.

They fit perfectly in your bag and purse, and come in a handy little bag to keep them safe.

These Soul Shine Stones are very versatile by design and their uses are only limited by your imagination!

Each piece is infused with metta blessings - loads of loving kindness ❤️🧡💛

Each Soul Shine Stone is handmade and unique.

Email Twyla to order yours today!

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