Soul Shine Orgonite

Soul Shine Pyramids

These beautiful pyramids embody the pure vibrational essence of who you are at your highest potential.

The central crystal in the pyramid is infused with your pristine Soul Blueprint - the positive energies your Soul is abundant in and who you truly are!

When placed into the pyramid, these amazing energies flow forth along with the other positive and energy balancing effects of the orgonite.

Everything that goes into the pyramid is intuitively selected to align with and enhance your Soul’s unique energies, to help you bring the best of you into the world. And to help you stand in the truth of who you are.

These pyramids consistently reinforce you being the best and truest version of yourself!

You also receive a hand-written letter explaining the energetic properties of each crystal and why it was selected specifically for your pyramid.

Pyramids are handmade when ordered, so typically are ready to ship in 1 week but may take up to 2 weeks.


Soul Shines Stones

Orgonite on the go - or not! These Soul Shine stones are perfect for use in your home or office, for meditation, or can accompany you wherever life takes you.

They fit perfectly in your bag and purse, and come in a little pouch to keep them safe.

Let's just say these Soul Shine Stones are very versatile by design and their uses are only limited by your imagination!

I meditate with each piece and infuse it with metta blessings - loads of loving kindness that can be felt when you hold them.

Each Soul Shine Stone is handmade and unique.


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