Modality Madness! How to Make Sense of it All

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Theta Healing, Soul Realignment, Reiki, Energy Scanning, Shamanism, Body Talk, Quantum Touch, NLP – the list could go on and on… So many modalities, so little time!

Some modalities are completely different from one another – Reiki and Soul Realignment have pretty much no similarities as far as I can tell. One channels Source energy and the other works with the Akashic Records. No overlap or contradictions there.

I know that Shamanism deals with soul fragmentation as does Soul Realignment, but each in its own way. I don’t actually know much about Shamanism…

But I do love constantly learning about healing modalities, and I found recently when reading my Theta Healing book that some fundamental concepts were explained differently than what I learned in Soul Realignment. And this was kind of confusing – how can both truths exist?

Soul Realignment talks about dimensions. Theta Healing talks about planes. And of course I could be wrong – so if anyone has a deeper understanding of this than I do, please let me know!

The conclusion I eventually came to for myself – for what I do – is that the most important thing is to have a clear frame of reference. So for me, that’s Soul Realignment because that’s the bulk and foundation of what I do. I do like how Theta Healing is excellent at reprogramming beliefs and doing physical healing, so that’s what I’ll use it for (and mostly for myself at this point).

I do believe there are many truths out there. Our beliefs are so powerful, and what we believe for ourselves is our reality. Which for me explains how many different healing modalities can co-exist.

The other very beautiful thing about so many modalities existing is that people have options and can choose the one that most resonates for them so they can get healing work done. I love that.

For myself, it’s very much like having a lovely variety of tools in a toolbox, knowing which tool fixes what, and using them appropriately. And also having a clearly defined belief structure so I 100% understand what I do and why and how it works.

I picked the modality that resonated the most for me, just like I picked one lunch from a choice of many today. Doesn’t make the other choices wrong, it’s just what I chose. I fully respect and love all modalities, and lunches!

Now that I think of it, I’ve had clients ask which modality they should study since they feel drawn to healing but don’t know where to start. And so the answer to that would be – whichever resonates most for you and piques your interest right now. You might study one and find you’re not in love with it, so then just go study another and possibly another till you do find the one you love : )


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