Meet Twyla

Meet Twyla
When I was 2 years old, I would jump up and down on the couch and yell, "I AM AMAZING!" This is one of my favourite stories my mom told me from my childhood. That little Twyla loved herself and loved life. But then due to some crap circumstances in my childhood, I lost that enthusiasm. I didn't like myself. I wanted to be perfect on the outside to hide the fear I felt on the inside. I was no longer me, I was what I thought I should be and what others wanted me to be.
Luckily I had my first breakthrough in 2005 in India. Where else right? Completely new to meditation and simply curious if I could be silent for 10 days, I sat my first Vipassana meditation course and was amazed by what I discovered. I was much more than my mind, which was all I had known up to that point. The seed was planted as I'd connected to a very authentic part of myself, but still life went on very much as "normal."
Fast forward to when my fiance was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. At this time I began to delve into alternative healing modalities and study intuition. I completed my Level 1 and 2 in Reiki and learned visualization techniques to help ease my fiance's suffering. It was also at this time that I sought healing for myself through Body Talk, Reiki and various other healing modalities. My journey to healing and back to my true self had begun.
When my fiance passed away after a year and a half battle with the cancer, I felt very connected to his spirit. I understood clearly then that we are spiritual beings, and I wanted to keep growing spiritually. To this end, I chose to study Soul Realignment. I'd also had a profound healing experience connected to my fiance's passing through a past life reading, so I understood the benefits of this type of work.
For a while I did feel hopeless. I was consumed by grief and didn't know how or if my life could move forward. I had to sell our house and downsize, let go of where I thought my life was for sure headed, and forge a new path on my own. Slowly but surely I did the work to move through and process the grief so that I could heal. It was a lot of work, but so worth it. Some highlights include going on a pilgrimage to Burma and completing the intense week-long Hoffman Process. And of course there was loads of counseling, lol.
As a result of this healing journey I was able to release a ton of what I was not and make room for glorious amounts of my true self! I deeply connected to who I am at Soul level and my intuition, and now I use it as my life's compass. I found my authentic voice and now can take a stand for myself and what I know is right for me. I learned how to set boundaries and be OK when people don't like it. And I am happy to share that I found love again - I'm married to a wonderful new man who is my life adventure buddy. Together we're traveling the world and creating the life of our dreams.
So wherever you're at - I 100% believe that you can transform any circumstances into something beautiful and new. Because YOU ARE AMAZING!


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