Master Cleanse – Day 1



It’s Day 1, hour 2 of this cleanse, and I already feel like shit. Headache, brain fog, to name a few of the not-so-pleasant things I’m feeling.

But before I get into the delightful cleansing details, a bit about why I do cleanses. I like to do cleanses once or twice a year. Sometimes I’ll do the pill ones, sometimes the master cleanse where it’s a do-it-yourself recipe. If I’ve been eating unhealthy I like longer cleanses – 21 days to 1 month – because I find they really help get rid of junk food cravings.

This master cleanse though is really about purifying and detoxifying my body, and subsequently my mind. I’ve been really feeling the need to get away for a silent meditation retreat, but that doesn’t seem to be possible right now, so clearing out my body is the next best thing.

My friend from back in Calgary, Desiree V, sent out an email about doing a group cleanse and so I jumped on the opportunity. She’s posted a lot of info about it here: http://cosmicjungle.weebly.com/blog/who-wants-to-do-a-three-day-lemon-cleanse-with-me

It’s an abbreviated version of the master cleanse and I like her reasoning for it – 3 days instead of 10 so as not to lose weight. I don’t need to lose any weight, so 3 is good for me too.

Now some info about the cleanse so far : )

I woke up excited to start the cleanse today, an excitement which would end the moment I took my first sip of salt water. That shit is nasty. I accidentally put 2 tbsp of salt in instead of 2 tsp, so it was even worse than it needed to be. I made the recommended 1 quart, but found I only could drink / needed 24 ounces. Good to know because tomorrow I can make less.

It took about 45 minutes for the flushing to start. That’s the purpose of the salt water – to flush everything out. Very effective, is all I’ll say. I’ll also say that I wouldn’t plan on leaving the house for the first 3 hours on cleanse days.

I also recall from previous cleanses that the first several days are the hardest. Adjusting to not eating is hard, and the release of toxins is hard. After that it gets easier and I remember feeling way better.

So hopefully my headache goes away soon… I do really like the taste of the lemon juice mix.

Cleanses are also times for introspection. So I’ll be doing some journalling and intention setting these next 3 days. I may keep chronicling tomorrow and the next day, we’ll see.

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