Manifesting: How to Just Allow


Can you imagine living with only 10-20% of your stuff?

I can!

Because I have been for the past two and half months. While my husband and I flew to Calgary end of May, 80-90% of our life (and by life I mean things) stayed in our home in San Antonio.

Two weeks ago things were put into motion to move our items up north so they can join us – oh what a happy reunion that will be!

But… we don’t have a definite date for their arrival. We have a window. A giant 2 week window in which they can arrive.

Do I want to manifest the delivery date to be yesterday? YES! And oh how I tried… My hopes were sky high.

But in looking at how I went about my manifesting, it was all wrong.

So let’s look at this whole scenario because a lot of the time I feel like people have their heads in the clouds when they talk about manifesting – like I did. Let’s all come back down to reality now.

First – there is the very real third dimensional reality we live in. We can’t really argue that a wall is a wall. Time is time here in the 3D.

But in the 4D where our minds reside – we can time travel! It’s wonderful! We imagine all the great things we want, but sadly we can’t grab them out of the 4D and yank them into the 3D.

Oh no, in the 3D, as I mentioned, we have linear time. Certain events need to take place before other events can occur.

Not that I did, but if I’d wanted to manifest my items reaching me a month ago before they’d even been packed, obviously I would have just created a ton more frustration for myself.

I use this extreme and ludicrous example though to highlight how some people do just that!

I want to manifest my Soul mate but I refuse to leave the house or try online dating. Well then, you are missing out on some very important 3D supporting pieces in your manifesting process.

Within manifesting there are also the to-dos right? At times certain things have to transpire to put in motion what you want to happen.

But getting back to frustration and where I went awry in my recent manifesting….

I was A: Trying to control something in the 3D I have no control over. and B: was craving and wanting which actually contracts my energy and blocks the manifesting flow.

Instead, I should have been focusing on:

A: Enjoying myself because really, unless I’m willing to track down the truck driver, drive to where he or she is, and harass them into driving faster…. my stuff is not going to get here any sooner.

B: Bringing myself into alignment with how I will feel when I have my things here so that energetically I am opening the door for it to happen, for it to come into my life.

Point A brings up a very important matter too – stressing over things we have absolutely no control over in our manifesting is futile and a giant waste of energy, yet we still do it. I still do it.

The waiting really is the hardest part, but when we get manifesting smart, it doesn’t have to be.

A big part of manifesting that seems counter-intuitive is actually being ok with not having what you want.

It’s fine to envision from a happy place what it will be like once you have what you’re trying to manifest – as long as it doesn’t become obsessing and prolonged day dreaming.

But notice when/if you get into the wah wah wanting, craving, attachment to the outcome.

If you find yourself there – check yourself before you wreck yourself, and your manifesting.

Bring yourself mentally back into balance, back into neutral. Having a meditation practice can really help with this.

Maybe do a little happy envisioning. Tune into the energy of how you’ll feel once you have what you want and then do things – actual real action things in the physical now – that will make you feel that way.

And last but so not least – have fun! You’ve already made up your mind what you want, the Universe knows that, so release the need to control how it exactly will show up and just have some fun.

The other small caveat is releasing exactly how it will happen or what it will look like (in some cases). Because honestly the Universe knows better than you what is best for you and may be upgrading your desire to business class where you were only dreaming of coach.

Love & Light,

Twyla K

Twyla K is a Soul Clarity Coach, Akashic Record Alchemist, and owner of Soul Shine Healing, Coaching & Orgonite. Twyla geeks out about all the cool Soul level aspects that make each person a unique Divine being. She loves diving deep with people to help them uncover the Soul level blocks that are sabotaging them so they’re then able to take a stand for their Truth and create fulfilling lives congruent to it. Click Here to apply for a Clarity Session and connect with Twyla today!

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