Let it GO! How to Release and Refocus for Success in 2016

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If you don’t have a 4-year-old daughter, you may not have seen the movie Frozen yet. That’s ok. Disney always has great inspiring soundtracks for their movies, so I thought I’d include a song from this blockbuster as inspiration for this article on releasing. Please click on the link above to listen to the song, then continue reading : )

A lot can happen in a year, some good, some not so good. Keep all the happy memories, file the not so great ones away as lessons, and then let them go. Holding onto painful memories doesn’t do you any good – it just keeps you stuck. You’ll also want to release any behaviour and thought patterns that really don’t serve you any more. Otherwise, you’re bringing a lot o baggage with you on your journey into the new year.

A great way to travel lightly into the new year is to write down on a piece of paper all the things you are ready to let go of. Sit with it for a while, this isn’t meant to be a rush job. Be honest with yourself and look at what you created in 2015, as well as why/how.

Once you have a list that feels complete – you haven’t overlooked any major things – then burn baby burn. You are literally going to light this list on fire and watch it burn. Do so in a safe way, preferably outdoors. As you watch the flames engulf your list of things to let go, feel these things leaving your space and energy. Allow them to dissolve into nothingness.

After this is complete, take out another sheet of paper. This is a happy sheet. You are going to write down all your visions for 2016 on this paper. You don’t have to know how they will happen – dream big! Consider all areas of your life and make sure you set intentions for all of them. You are setting the foundation for an exceptional year. Fold up this piece of paper and put it somewhere you won’t lose it – like in a bedside table drawer.

Now every month, or more frequently if you feel so inclined, take out this piece of paper and review it. Stay connected to your dreams and intentions and see them come to life!

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