How to Shift into Your Body & Soul

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As a woman, I live through my body, I experience things through my body, and quite honestly – I talk through my body. I will say things like “My body doesn’t want to eat that” or “My body needs more rest.”

It’s not all about the brain!

This can be a foreign language to some people, i.e., most men. And probably some ladies too. But ever since getting a copy of Women’s Bodies Women’s Wisdom many years ago, I started to speak Body-ese.

Now I’m reading a book called Feminine and Powerful, and loving it. There’s something called the dienten (by various Eastern traditions) that sits in the womb area. It sits there and is wise. And this wisdom can be tapped into.

I love it! And I believe my soul’s wisdom resides in my body, so when I listen to my body, I’m connecting to my divine knowing.

I had to clear a number of blocks before I could even stay in my body (as opposed to living 100% in my mind).

Do you listen to your body? How much time do you spend in your body vs your mind?

These are valuable questions to ask. If you find you spend a lot of time with thoughts, try some simple practices:

Observe your breath (yes it’s that easy, but at the same time not as easy as you’d think!)

Feel sensations in your palms and feet (these are the easiest areas to feel sensations in)

Place your hand on your lower stomach and breath into it (this is very calming, de-stressing, and grounding)

Try these out and let me know what you think!

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