Hocus Focus: What you see is what you get

It occurred to me today as I looked at these beautiful lilies on my kitchen table (my hubs and I are celebrating 1 year of living in San Antonio – wheee!), that I was looking at the buds and hoping they would bloom. I wasn’t looking at the beautiful flowers that were right there before my eyes, I was looking at the buds that had yet to open, thinking, “Man it will sure be great when they open and become gorgeous flowers…”

I had to stop myself because what I was doing seemed absurd! And then I realized that I do this in other areas of life too – I don’t see the fantastic things in front of me, instead, I’m hoping for some future event that will be amazing.

Literally the message I was getting was to stop and smell the flowers. Which by the way smell incredible!

Be grateful for what is right there in front of me… But sometimes for whatever crazy reason, we can’t see what’s in front of us. I guess because we’re too busy focusing on what will happen in the future. So distracting, boo… So instead of getting a wonderful present experience, I was experiencing want and lack – when I had blooming blooms right in front of my nose!!

So today’s blog post asks the question: In what area of your life are you not seeing the beauty that’s right before you? What do you have to be grateful for right now? What is it that is distracting you?

Once you figure those things out, it’s a pretty simple fix – RE-FOCUS.

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