Easy Way to Connect to Your Higher Self

In my hand I hold a pendulum. It’s a beaut. Made of Carnelian, a crystal that grounds, restores motivation, stimulates creativity, and helps you trust and empower yourself. Seemed like a great choice for a pendulum!

Why am I holding a pendulum? What do I use it for? Why might you want to get one too?


This little guy helps me connect to my Higher Self, aka Soul. Why do I need a tool to do that?


There’s this little thing called the ego, and it likes to run interference between mind and soul communication. For a good reason – it wants to keep you safe. But maybe you don’t always want to stay in the same spot, and so some “scary” change will be needed.

So say you want to create a new outcome by taking new action… It’s not always easy to know what action would be the greatest expression of your Divine Wonderful Self. There’s a lot of other thoughts and ideas mucking about so your super soft intuitive voice can get lost in that. What you need is a way to cut through it all and get to the good stuff, and that’s exactly what a pendulum can do.

A decade ago I had my first pendulum and I did NOT know how to use it. I’d ask it super emotional questions and then freak out about the answers, sigh. Things have changed a lot since then. Well, it’s really only been the last 3 years I’ve used one pendulum for my Akashic Record work and another for my personal dowsing.

Now I find using my personal pendulum very beneficial. Questions paired with intentions are key. So first you get clear on what you want – your intention – then you ask questions about what actions will get you there. Remember to always ask if: 1) Your intention is aligned to your soul’s highest path and purpose, and 2) Your actions are aligned to your soul’s highest path and purpose. That’s kind of key…

Do not be in an emotional state or craving a certain answer when you dowse. That’s going to mess with your answers. Also, don’t be like me in my 20s – don’t be curious about all sorts of things and ask questions just for the sake of asking. That’s not productive.

If used properly and with care, your pendulum can become your decision aiding bff in no time : )

Questions, comments? I’m happy to clarify anything that’s not crystal clear!

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