Dare to be Aware


I’ve started to notice something very interesting. A new awareness has sprouted as the spring sun begins to shine and I’m seeing things in a slightly delightfully different way. Allow me to share.

Exhibit A: The past. Hello past. Before I make many decisions, I stop and check in with the past. Do you do that too?

Whether it’s, “Hmm, how should I treat this person. Stop. Past check: How did this person treat me before? Oh! Not great. Ok, I will then also not treat them that great.”

Or maybe, “How should I act in this situation? Stop. Past check: Well, I acted this way before and it seemed to go ok/kept me “safe”. Ok! I’ll stick with that.”

Do you notice what’s happening? As soon as the past check happens it’s like travelling from the present back in time. I’m no longer connected to how I’m feeling in the moment. I’m literally living in and perpetuating the past.

Do I want to keep doing this? Um, no.

Exhibit B: The present. Hello present! How refreshing you are and full of possibility!

What I’m noticing now is that when my mind habitually starts checking in with the past, something new happens.

There’s a little voice that reminds me: “You have a choice. Do you really want to base how you are going to act in the past? Or do you want to come from the present space of love and act differently?”

So at least two times now I’ve chosen love. And it’s fantastic! I would like to keep doing it.

Then slowly the past will fade and my amazing present will grow and grow and grow. And grow.

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