Client Love

Client Love

“I was struggling to figure out where I was going with my business, not knowing who I would serve or how. I had been working on a book for over a year, but I wasn’t making much progress. I was needing to be in a place where money was coming in.
I was feeling lost and defeated because I had been struggling for quite a while.
Then Twyla showed up.
I was at that point of “enough is enough” but I still didn’t know how to solve it. Then the universe showed me the opportunity to work with Twyla in her Coaching Program.
Working with Twyla, her intuition is spot on. I have enjoyed learning more about me at the soul level and have learned things that help to make sense of my life. I also find the recordings invaluable. Listening once is not enough. There are some calls I listen to more than once to get all the information and meaning.
I feel successful because I now have a plan for my business and have focus. I’m able to plan for the week knowing the tasks I need to complete to reach my goals.”

Barbara M

“I had the great privilege of having two sessions with Twyla – the first was called Soul Realignment and helped me understand what past life situations and issues are holding me back in this current life, and how I could take action to move beyond those blocks.

I found Twyla’s insight and gentle guidance both surprising and very helpful – and the actions I decided to take were highly impactful. The second session was a life situation reading – Twyla’s work uncovered a number of chakra imbalances that were causing some situations I need to move beyond.

She was extremely helpful in showing me how to address these imbalances and ensure my life is more vibrant, healthy and in sync with what I really want for myself. Already, I am seeing the benefits of taking those actions!

Twyla’s work is deep and personal, as well as insightful, generous and kind. She is highly skilled and trained and cares deeply about her clients. My life has been enriched by working with her and I absolutely recommend contacting her – your life will thank you!”

Rhonda G

“I have spent my entire life unable to release the emotions of tears and anger due to a very traumatic childhood and difficult life events to say the least. In my journey to heal I was guided to Twyla, who is a very gentle and sweet soul.

While I have had 3 sessions with her, more recent stressful life events led me to seek her help again. Most of my life has been spent in physical and emotional pain so I knew I was tired of living this way and needed her guidance. In this Soul Realignment session Twyla was very helpful and extremely accurate in her readings. She made sure I understood everything and stopped often if I had any questions.

I understand now through these readings why I have made the choices I do in my life, and even how past lives affect my decisions in this lifetime. I was very pleased with the outcome and suggestions she made to help accept and release stuck emotions. I’m definitely going to try them!

I love working with Twyla. She has truly been a blessing to me in my very painful and emotional healing journey! I look forward to more sessions with her. I highly recommend her if you are at a crossroads in your life and seek assistance. You will not be disappointed!”

Maria A

“I found Twyla’s relationship reading to be very informative, enlightening and accurate; in that so much resonated true for our relationship. Twyla delivered her research/findings in a clear and gentle manner. I really enjoyed learning about my soul’s history as well as my partner’s soul’s history. This relationship reading provided us with a further understanding of each other and enabled us to communicate more deeply. We are now in the process of improving parts of our relationship through understanding we have the ability to change what we want!”

Hadley M

“Twyla’s Soul Realignment sessions have opened me up to teachings far beyond my imagination. What I find most remarkable is the way Twyla artfully grounds the expansiveness of each session. The co-created homework I leave each session with has always helped align me with my goals in ways I could not have done alone. I am so very grateful to have been helped by Twyla’s healing compassion and wisdom.”

Jason B

“Twyla is very experienced in her field. I felt that she was very professional and definitely gave me better insight into my career goals. She was very specific when it came to certain situations that hindered my progress and provided me with good instruction on how to clear those conscious and subconscious setbacks.”

Michelle H

“I always enjoy working with Twyla. She has a very kind and accepting nature. Twyla helped me explore my Akashic Record, which has resulted in breakthroughs for me in my thinking and in my daily life. Twyla has also read the Akashic Records for my partner and I, which was revealing and helped us to have deeper discussions about how we relate to each other.”

Jenn B

“I am so grateful for my Reading with Twyla! Not only did it clarify some of the reasons for the situations I was experiencing in this life but it also provided me with guidance on new belief systems about myself and the world around me.
Throughout the Reading I learned more about myself and why I am the way I am, which was a beautiful confirmation given the spiritual path I am on as a Lightworker.
All in all, after this session and when I was done my homework I felt clearer, almost as if a weight was lifted off my shoulders.”

Kim S

“I had a chance to experience a soul realignment and a life situation reading with Twyla. Her calm and open nature really made me feel comfortable in having her support as I searched for meaning in what she uncovered for me. She asks amazing questions and has been a welcomed friend on a journey towards a deeper understanding.”

Kristin R

“Working with Twyla is an amazing experience. Her intuitive gifts touch right to the heart of the matter of what is being experienced and what needs to be known.
What I was unable to see clearly she brought to the light with ease and understanding and helped to clear what seemed unmovable and enabled me to see exactly where I was falling short and what I could begin doing and applying to my life to make a real difference. I recommend Twyla for energy work and healing and trust her intuitive abilities that come through during the energy scan.
Thank you Twyla for your heart work.”

Alice J

“After my Life Situation Reading, I felt incredibly good and it actually started before she even gave me a phone call with her summary of my spiritual profile; it seemed to start just after seeking out her help.

Twyla has helped me feel better and more like myself. I feel lighter, I feel more energetic and understand myself better.

I recommend that everyone give this a try and most likely, you will get something from her talents. Just be sure you if you are looking for big change in your life, that you are truly ready for the growing pains of big change… but it is all for the best!”

Ellice S

“My reading with Twyla was very detailed, straight to the point, clear and I have learned a lot about myself and my Spirit Guide Team from it.

Twyla has a gentle way to nudge you towards profound revelations about yourself through her work, and this makes her a gifted healer. The information Twyla relayed to me was very practical and could be applied to my life immediately.

Working with Twyla inspired such joy! I would do it again in a heartbeat and I highly recommend a session with her!”

Stephanie C

“I recently had a Spirit Guide Reading from Twyla and I would highly recommend her to anyone considering getting a reading.

I resonated with all of the information that Twyla gave me and I was amazed at the accuracy of someone who knew absolutely nothing about me prior to the reading.

If you are looking for a professional, accurate, truthful but yet gentle reading please do not hesitate to contact this wonderful lady.”

Carol K

“Twyla is such a sweetheart! I love her cheerful energy and very accommodating spirit! She performed an amazingly accurate Spirit Guide Profile Reading for me today.

She helped shed light on some personal aspects of my past that were, and still are, emotional triggers in need of release. All of the information Twyla presented to me resonates so nicely, serving as a wonderfully huge confirmation that the messages, signs, and/or sensations I’d been receiving/feeling over the years are on point.

She shared a substantial amount of knowledge with me that is already positively impacting my life, and will continue to do so. Infinite Blessings & Thanks Twyla! Highly recommended!”

Marissa A

“I loved the Spirit Guide Reading I got from Twyla. Before the reading I didn’t know how many guides I had or what their purpose was. I had no relationship with them.

Now I am starting to communicate with them and build a connection. I can see that I will be able to receive more help and guidance on my spiritual journey than I ever thought possible.

If you’re looking for someone how is accurate and has great energy, then look no further than Twyla. She really is the bee’s knees.”

Casey C

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