Day 2 of Master Cleanse

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This is Day 2 of the Master Cleanse for me. Day 1 was hard. I honestly wanted to quit because I was not able to function mentally up to any type of normal standard to be productive. Serious brain fog, headaches and body aches till I finally went to sleep.

That being said, this morning I woke up feeling great! At 4:30 a.m.! Went to sleep at 8:30, so that’s a solid 8 hours.

Day 2 is starting off better than Day 1. I put the correct amount of salt in my warm water – 2 tsp. Then, instead of sipping it for 30 minutes, I stood at the sink, closed my eyes, and chugged all 24 ounces down in about 5 minutes.

The tummy gurgles have started, which is a good sign.

Since fiber is what causes our bodies to expel waste, and when you’re doing the cleanse you’re not in-taking any fiber, the salt water flush helps with the expulsion. And it is optional. There is a laxative tea in the evening that is also optionsl too and that I’ve opted not to do. When I did this cleanse before I didn’t do the flush. I don’t think I knew about it actually before… But it makes sense to me now so that’s why I’m doing it.

At the end of the day I did do some journalling, nothing really deep came out, just a lot of complaining : ) It’s interesting to observe how my mind and body are so connected. When my body aches and whinges, so does my mind.

It was also interesting that Day 1 of the cleanse aligned with the healing session that my Energy Scan Certification Program had scheduled. So I was able to get some healing and clearing. Not sure if that added to the aches or helped with them…

Either way, I am feeling better today. I hope I made it through the hardest day. I’m excited at how good I’m feeling this morning and I’m looking forward to feeling even more clarity, cleanliness, and calm on Day 3!

As a little reminder to myself and to anyone reading, this is why cleansing is beneficial:

“Doing the master Cleanse will not only make you healthier, it will also lead to increases in energy levels, make you more able to get rid of bad habits, cleanse the body of harmful toxins, and promote weight loss through the increased energy levels and smoother, stronger metabolism rate that will accompany it. Truly, a detoxification diet essentially enables a person and their body a fresh, new start.”

Master Cleanse – Day 1

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It’s Day 1, hour 2 of this cleanse, and I already feel like shit. Headache, brain fog, to name a few of the not-so-pleasant things I’m feeling.

But before I get into the delightful cleansing details, a bit about why I do cleanses. I like to do cleanses once or twice a year. Sometimes I’ll do the pill ones, sometimes the master cleanse where it’s a do-it-yourself recipe. If I’ve been eating unhealthy I like longer cleanses – 21 days to 1 month – because I find they really help get rid of junk food cravings.

This master cleanse though is really about purifying and detoxifying my body, and subsequently my mind. I’ve been really feeling the need to get away for a silent meditation retreat, but that doesn’t seem to be possible right now, so clearing out my body is the next best thing.

My friend from back in Calgary, Desiree V, sent out an email about doing a group cleanse and so I jumped on the opportunity. She’s posted a lot of info about it here:

It’s an abbreviated version of the master cleanse and I like her reasoning for it – 3 days instead of 10 so as not to lose weight. I don’t need to lose any weight, so 3 is good for me too.

Now some info about the cleanse so far : )

I woke up excited to start the cleanse today, an excitement which would end the moment I took my first sip of salt water. That shit is nasty. I accidentally put 2 tbsp of salt in instead of 2 tsp, so it was even worse than it needed to be. I made the recommended 1 quart, but found I only could drink / needed 24 ounces. Good to know because tomorrow I can make less.

It took about 45 minutes for the flushing to start. That’s the purpose of the salt water – to flush everything out. Very effective, is all I’ll say. I’ll also say that I wouldn’t plan on leaving the house for the first 3 hours on cleanse days.

I also recall from previous cleanses that the first several days are the hardest. Adjusting to not eating is hard, and the release of toxins is hard. After that it gets easier and I remember feeling way better.

So hopefully my headache goes away soon… I do really like the taste of the lemon juice mix.

Cleanses are also times for introspection. So I’ll be doing some journalling and intention setting these next 3 days. I may keep chronicling tomorrow and the next day, we’ll see.

Hocus Focus: What you see is what you get

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It occurred to me today as I looked at these beautiful lilies on my kitchen table (my hubs and I are celebrating 1 year of living in San Antonio – wheee!), that I was looking at the buds and hoping they would bloom. I wasn’t looking at the beautiful flowers that were right there before my eyes, I was looking at the buds that had yet to open, thinking, “Man it will sure be great when they open and become gorgeous flowers…”

I had to stop myself because what I was doing seemed absurd! And then I realized that I do this in other areas of life too – I don’t see the fantastic things in front of me, instead, I’m hoping for some future event that will be amazing.

Literally the message I was getting was to stop and smell the flowers. Which by the way smell incredible!

Be grateful for what is right there in front of me… But sometimes for whatever crazy reason, we can’t see what’s in front of us. I guess because we’re too busy focusing on what will happen in the future. So distracting, boo… So instead of getting a wonderful present experience, I was experiencing want and lack – when I had blooming blooms right in front of my nose!!

So today’s blog post asks the question: In what area of your life are you not seeing the beauty that’s right before you? What do you have to be grateful for right now? What is it that is distracting you?

Once you figure those things out, it’s a pretty simple fix – RE-FOCUS.

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Modality Madness! How to Make Sense of it All

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Theta Healing, Soul Realignment, Reiki, Energy Scanning, Shamanism, Body Talk, Quantum Touch, NLP – the list could go on and on… So many modalities, so little time!

Some modalities are completely different from one another – Reiki and Soul Realignment have pretty much no similarities as far as I can tell. One channels Source energy and the other works with the Akashic Records. No overlap or contradictions there.

I know that Shamanism deals with soul fragmentation as does Soul Realignment, but each in its own way. I don’t actually know much about Shamanism…

But I do love constantly learning about healing modalities, and I found recently when reading my Theta Healing book that some fundamental concepts were explained differently than what I learned in Soul Realignment. And this was kind of confusing – how can both truths exist?

Soul Realignment talks about dimensions. Theta Healing talks about planes. And of course I could be wrong – so if anyone has a deeper understanding of this than I do, please let me know!

The conclusion I eventually came to for myself – for what I do – is that the most important thing is to have a clear frame of reference. So for me, that’s Soul Realignment because that’s the bulk and foundation of what I do. I do like how Theta Healing is excellent at reprogramming beliefs and doing physical healing, so that’s what I’ll use it for (and mostly for myself at this point).

I do believe there are many truths out there. Our beliefs are so powerful, and what we believe for ourselves is our reality. Which for me explains how many different healing modalities can co-exist.

The other very beautiful thing about so many modalities existing is that people have options and can choose the one that most resonates for them so they can get healing work done. I love that.

For myself, it’s very much like having a lovely variety of tools in a toolbox, knowing which tool fixes what, and using them appropriately. And also having a clearly defined belief structure so I 100% understand what I do and why and how it works.

I picked the modality that resonated the most for me, just like I picked one lunch from a choice of many today. Doesn’t make the other choices wrong, it’s just what I chose. I fully respect and love all modalities, and lunches!

Now that I think of it, I’ve had clients ask which modality they should study since they feel drawn to healing but don’t know where to start. And so the answer to that would be – whichever resonates most for you and piques your interest right now. You might study one and find you’re not in love with it, so then just go study another and possibly another till you do find the one you love : )


Musings on Massive May Milestones

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May is a big month for me. May 2nd is my wedding anniversary – 1 year – yay! Then May 16th is the anniversary of Sang’s passing – not so yay.

Last year for the 16th I was in Indonesia for my honeymoon, so the day, while not lost on me, did pass me by. Sometimes it’s good to have distractions.

This year, and 2013 and 2014, were harder years in that I acknowledged and went right into the pain I was feeling. For me, sitting with the grief and letting it move through me, feeling all the feelings without judgment, is best. Not easiest, but best. I feel they can be processed that way.

It makes me kind of sad that I won’t be able to visit Sang’s grave this year. That was something I did.

It’s not that I want to be sad, or that I’m holding onto the past unnecessarily. I’m honouring what’s coming up for me right now. Grief comes in waves for me and can come out of nowhere. I’ll be driving in my car and suddenly tears will well up as a happy memory comes to my mind.

I find that people still don’t quite know what to say. That’s why I find grieving has been quite a personal journey for me.

My 1 year wedding anniversary on the other hand was very joyful! My husband and I reminisced about everything we did over the past year, which was A LOT. In our first year of marriage we moved to a different country. Bought a new home and sold our old home. Both got new jobs. That’s a lot of change for 1 year! We visit our favorite spots and dream about the amazing years to come.

But we did it! And I feel very strong as a couple for having navigated all that successfully.

So May is a month for fondly remembering and grieving my previous love, and celebrating and remembering my new love.

How the Akashic Records Can Help Mother Daughter Relationships

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While working on a relationship reading for a couple last week, I was reminded that relationship readings can be done for parents and children too. The picture to the left is of me and my mom when I was just born.

Ah being born… As a baby I had no idea what issues I’d get to experience as I grew up with my mom. No idea what our relationship dynamic would be. And also no idea until I studied Soul Realignment that I chose to incarnate with my parents knowing the potential for growth it presented.

As an adult, I know that my mom can push my buttons like almost no one else can! So much history… And likely not just from this lifetime.

Since my mom is coming to stay with us for a week soon, I’m feeling it’s finally time to do a relationship reading for my mother and I. It’s not just about randomly going in and seeing what shared karma and other blocks we have, it’s about setting my intention for what I want to create instead of what I’m currently experiencing.

So I’ll need to sit with that for a while. Really think about how I want our relationship to be now. Depending on what I find in the reading, I may or may not share it in another blog post!


Add a Little Zen to Your Life

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I really like sitting in silence for long periods of time. In day-to-day life it’s typically hard to find a “good” reason to do this, so attending events where many people sit in silence at one time together gives me an excellent opportunity to get in my silent time.

Last weekend I checked out the San Antonio Zen Buddhist Center’s Intro to Zen Meditation class, and it was lovely!

They have a peaceful little room where at least 10 of us learned the basics of Zen then sat and also walked in silence for a little over 30 minutes.

I’m not sure if there are different techniques used at different levels, but what we covered in the intro was sitting still for the allotted time and observing our breath. Stilling the mind through focus on the breath is a lot harder than you may imagine. I just love it when I’m able to calm my thoughts though!

The teacher read a cool quote from a book by a famous Zen monk about only being concerned with the exhale. Feeling like with each exhale, it could be the last breath you take in this life. Then, as the inhale happens automatically, being amazed and delighted that you are still alive.

Slightly morbid I suppose, but very interesting nonetheless.

Now that I’ve completed the intro class, I can go to the once a month 4 hour Sunday morning meditations! Very excited about that.

If you’d like to learn more about the San Antonio Zen Buddhist Center, check out their website at:

To bring a little Zen into your life right this moment, simply focus on your breath and keep bringing your mind back when it wanders, without judgment. Ahhhh inner peace…..

How to Use Your Soul to Get Unstuck

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There are moments in life when we need to get things done and we get SO in our heads that nothing seems to work.

Example: Today while designing my new business cards, my mind was telling me, “Must come up with perfect catchy new slogan. Must make sure the wording is perfect.” AHHHHHHH! Needless to say, I was not producing.

What I was doing was sitting there staring at my computer screen. Tick tock, tick tock.

So how can your soul possibly help you in these kinds of situations? Well, follow this process the next time you feel brain-dead or stuck and then YOU can tell ME how it works!

Step 1: Leave your head. I repeat. Get out of your head. Understand that your brain is trying its best and things just aren’t working out. So slowly breath and quiet it down.

Step 2: Drop into your heart space. Start sensing and feeling into the area around your heart in your chest. Notice anything you are feeling there. At first you may feel nothing and begin to get frustrated, and that’s ok. Keep doing it till things calm down. This takes practice, so put in the time and practice.

Step 3: Tune in to what your Soul, expressing itself through your heart energy, is trying to say. What message is it sending you? What words or ideas or images are popping into your consciousness now?

Step 4: Write them down. This is gold people. Straight from your Soul gold.

This method works for me and I’d love to hear how it works for you!

Love and light,


Easy Way to Connect to Your Higher Self

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In my hand I hold a pendulum. It’s a beaut. Made of Carnelian, a crystal that grounds, restores motivation, stimulates creativity, and helps you trust and empower yourself. Seemed like a great choice for a pendulum!

Why am I holding a pendulum? What do I use it for? Why might you want to get one too?


This little guy helps me connect to my Higher Self, aka Soul. Why do I need a tool to do that?


There’s this little thing called the ego, and it likes to run interference between mind and soul communication. For a good reason – it wants to keep you safe. But maybe you don’t always want to stay in the same spot, and so some “scary” change will be needed.

So say you want to create a new outcome by taking new action… It’s not always easy to know what action would be the greatest expression of your Divine Wonderful Self. There’s a lot of other thoughts and ideas mucking about so your super soft intuitive voice can get lost in that. What you need is a way to cut through it all and get to the good stuff, and that’s exactly what a pendulum can do.

A decade ago I had my first pendulum and I did NOT know how to use it. I’d ask it super emotional questions and then freak out about the answers, sigh. Things have changed a lot since then. Well, it’s really only been the last 3 years I’ve used one pendulum for my Akashic Record work and another for my personal dowsing.

Now I find using my personal pendulum very beneficial. Questions paired with intentions are key. So first you get clear on what you want – your intention – then you ask questions about what actions will get you there. Remember to always ask if: 1) Your intention is aligned to your soul’s highest path and purpose, and 2) Your actions are aligned to your soul’s highest path and purpose. That’s kind of key…

Do not be in an emotional state or craving a certain answer when you dowse. That’s going to mess with your answers. Also, don’t be like me in my 20s – don’t be curious about all sorts of things and ask questions just for the sake of asking. That’s not productive.

If used properly and with care, your pendulum can become your decision aiding bff in no time : )

Questions, comments? I’m happy to clarify anything that’s not crystal clear!

The Separation Myth

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Something I’ve been grappling with for a while is this notion that is prevalent in many teachings that God/Source/Spirit/Creator of All That Is is separate from us. Specifically that it is above us in a hierarchical set up. And we are below. Being raised a Christian, this was part of what I learned when I grew up.

And for many years of my life I believed this. But then, after a particularly consciousness expanding meditation experience I had back in 2006 in Thailand, I 100% knew that I was not separate from Source. I experienced that every cell of my being held Divine intelligence and that I was Source/Source was inside me.

Despite having this tangible experience, I still did other meditations with teachers where I would “go up” to experience the Divine and then bring it “down” into myself. Which seemed odd. It was nice, but it didn’t really fit with what I knew to be true.

This became even more apparent when I studied Soul Realignment, because it made it clear that each soul is made from Source energy. So there is no separateness. My soul animates me, if it weren’t connected to my body, I’d be dead.

But still I struggled… Until I started studying ThetaHealing and one paragraph jumped out at me and made it all make sense. In ThetaHealing you “go” up to the 7th Plane to do the work. So the author explains how this both is and isn’t the case:

“When you go to the Seventh Plane using this process, the perception is that you are going outside yourself, out into the universe to the far reaches of the cosmos and through a portal into creation. In a way this is true, but not in the way you might think. Inside every person there is a tiny universe that is identical to the vastness of All That Is.

“So, what do we find inside ourselves? We find that inside each of us there is the Creative Force, Source and God. Infinity is inside us as well as outside. So where are you going when you go up and seek God? […] You are entering into the nucleus of an atom. Each time that you connect to the Creator, you go on a journey in the inner vastness. This journey connects you to your own atoms and also brings you to the awareness of the outside universe of infinite energy and to the realization that God is in every atom.

“So you go on a journey inside yourself to find the Creator-self that is inside you and outward to the cosmic consciousness.”

Pretty neat hey?! Now I can finally make peace with the whole going outside myself because it’s simply me connecting to the cosmic consciousness. Everything already exists in me, but it’s a handy way to feel into a more expanded experience and connection.

I hope that makes sense : )

If you have any comments re: your own understandings or experiences, please share!