Why it’s Important to Heal the Root Cause of Issues

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About 6 months ago I began having pain around one of my ribs, but I didn’t do anything about it. I just left it.

Then chest pains started happening and at Thanksgiving were so bad I called the healthlink line (back “home” in Calgary, even though I’m in the US now, because healthcare is free in Canada, lol).

I was told to go to emergency immediately – you don’t want to mess around when it comes to chest pains. But I didn’t.

What I did do was make an appt with my doctor though for a week or so later…

She told me that my rib was out of place and that it was throwing everything off and causing my chest pains. So the chest pains – which looked severe and like the problem all on their own – weren’t actually the root of the problem.

I needed to address the rib issues and get that back into place to heal my chest pains.

Two seemingly unrelated ailments, and if I’d simply addressed the chest pains alone I would have had to keep on doing things to heal it but never get anywhere because I wasn’t fixing the root of the problem.

This is true for us energetically too. Many times we are experiencing an issue / pain / problem in one area of our lives and so we do a bunch of healing and put a lot of effort into fixing it, but to no avail. We can spend so much time and money on what we think is the main problem.

What we really need to do is go to the root. Once the root cause is addressed, then the efforts put into healing the secondary levels of issues will actually work.

That’s why I love my Soul Realignment modality, because it does just that. We go in at Soul level to identify and energetically diffuse the root cause so you’re free – wondrously free! to finally shift and do things differently.

It’s a huge relief to uncover the root cause. HUGE.

Like my rib and chest pains, after the adjustments are made it can take time for things to settle back into their full alignment. For things to change in our physical experience, it can take time.

But because the deep foundational work is complete, things will shift! My work empowers people to make those shifts themselves. I’m just the catalyst. LOL – “just”. It’s an important role for sure, but ultimately everyone is responsible for their own healing.

I’m happy to report that my rib and chest are finally on the mend and close to healed. Complete healing is possible! You just need to know what needs fixing and fix that : )

In love, light and truth,


Twyla K is the owner of Soul Shine Healing & Coaching. She offers free energy scans to help people who are tired of feeling stuck uncover the truth of what’s energetically holding them back and get their soul sparkle for life back. Email Twyla at soulshine@twylak.com to book your free scan today!

Get Out of Indecision – Help Your Spirit Guides Help You

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A pair of pants sitting peacefully on a garbage can caught my eye as I grabbed a drink from a water fountain mid-run at the river walk this morning.

Immediately my brain starts thinking A) someone took off their pants in public and then B) couldn’t quite decide whether they wanted to toss them completely. Maybe they want to come back for their pants at a later time? Who knows!

What I know is that energetically, this person is on the fence. They’re thinking through two options and they can’t fully commit to either, which is not a good place to be.

Why is this not a good place to be? Well, because when you begin to move in one direction but also have one foot planted where you’re currently at – energetically and mentally you’re sending out two very different messages to your Spirit Guides.

Because your Spirit Guides provide you with guidance and help based on your intentions, you’re going to be getting guidance on how to stay where you are and how to move forward at the same time.

Sound confusing? It is! For you and your Guides… But your Guides have to act on what you put out to them, they can’t decide what to do for you and only give you guidance on what they think is best.

You can help yourself and your Guides immensely by making up your mind! Choose one path and set that as your intention. Release the attachment to whatever it is you’re holding on to (probably because it’s safe and familiar), and commit fully to your new path.

You’re probably not paining over whether or not to throw out your pants in public, you’re likely paining over a career move, a relationship, or taking what feels like a leap in another area of your life.

If possible, I encourage you to decide and fully commit to one path or the other. Set that intention, then ask your Guides to help you out. They’re there to help you. And it can make transitional times easier when you know you’re not alone : )

In love, light and truth,


Twyla K is the owner of Soul Shine Healing & Coaching. She offers free energy scans to help people who are tired of feeling stuck uncover the truth of what’s energetically holding them back and get their soul sparkle for life back. Email Twyla at soulshine@twylak.com to book your free scan today!

The Art of Starting Over

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I just got back from an amazingly fun and productive week in Denver. Many a good time was had. What was not had was exercise, regular meditation, or healthy eating…

Even though it was only a week, now that I’m back it feels like I’m starting all over again in these areas.

When I lost my identity while being a caregiver for 1.5 years then experienced extreme grief when my fiance passed, starting over was a lot bigger of a task and had to be done in almost every life area.

Whether you’re starting over in a small way or a big way, there are some things you can do to get back into it, get motivated, and increase your likeliness of sticking to it.

1. Give yourself permission to do it badly. Newsflash: The reality is you are out of practice and will not immediately jump back in at the same level and proficiency you left off at. When I sit back down on my meditation mat after taking even a day or 2 off, my focus is all over the place. And when I get back out on the river walk to do a run, I’m jogging. And that’s ok. It takes time to retrain yourself. And you will do it badly at first. And that’s ok.

2. Start small. Starting anywhere other than small sets you up for disappointment and failure. When you start small and are gentle with yourself, you create a nurturing environment to grow your abilities again. There’s an interesting book called Micro Habits that talks about doing things for only 5 minutes a day. It seems so easy you can’t not do it. Then over time, it becomes a habit – a regular part of your day – and you naturally desire to do it more and more. So start small and set yourself up for success.

3. Connect to your why. As you begin again, take a moment to ask yourself why doing X activity is important to you. Why did you start doing it in the first place? How does it enrich your life? Once you connect to that, use that energy to carry you back to whatever practice you’re getting back into.

Love and light,


Twyla K is the owner of Soul Shine Healing & Coaching. She offers free energy scans to help people who are tired of feeling stuck uncover the truth of what’s energetically holding them back and get their soul sparkle for life back. Email Twyla at soulshine@twylak.com to book your free scan today!

Jumping Into the Flow of Spirit!

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I’ve had a brilliant epiphany this morning that I’m going to share with you : )

Recently I’ve become more acutely aware how my ego is like a 2 year old child – digging in its heals and honestly WANTING to do things the hard way. Why the heck would it want to do things the hard way???

This has been something that’s perplexed me for quite some time, and something that I gave into for years and years.


As I become more and more spiritually aware and conscious, I realize I can no longer operate from this place anymore. It’s like an outdated piece of software in my operating system that sorely needs updating and I’m finally ready to fully commit to the upgrade.

What triggered this was experiencing the magic and synchronicities that happen when I do act on my intuition. I’ve been on a journey for 7 years now developing my intuition. It’s there, and often times I do follow my guidance, but there were still times that I didn’t.

Latest life example – I found a kindred soul in a coaching program I’m part of who I discovered also does Akashic Record work. Immediately my guidance was to connect. Then a split second after that my 2 year old ego child jumped in and gave me all these reasons not to – so I didn’t.

Fast forward a month – the inkling to connect was still there so I did. And low and behold I learn some amazingly valuable information from this person. Info I could’ve used a month ago… lol.

I believe that this ego dominance stemmed from a negative belief I had that I had to work hard for things or they didn’t matter. And a full-on disbelief that life could be easy. Not serving me anymore!

Being in the flow, choosing the easy way, releasing resistance – is not bad, lesser, or a cop out.

Life can be simple and easy.

When we learn to trust and act on that first voice, the gentle knowing of our intuition and spiritual guidance – we can reduce the amount of struggle in our lives.

So my intention is to allow, just allow. And then observe all the amazingness that happens!

In love, light and truth,


Ancient Wisdom of the 7 Universal Laws: The Kybalion

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There are 7 Universal Truths or Laws that govern how life on Earth works. I first heard these mentioned in my Soul Realignment classes but never really looked into them.

Then today, while putting it out to the Universe that I need a cool book to read for my upcoming vacay – what shows up but The Kybalion. So cool!

I LOVE ancient Greece and Egypt. My minor in university was Ancient History and I always dreamed of being an Egyptologist but that never happened…

Anyways! I found this book and I’m excited about it. It sounds similar / related to another book I crossed paths with a while back – The Emerald Tablets of Thoth. I know more about this book since I’ve read a good chunk of it.

Sidenote: I tend to have many books on the go at once and for that reason many don’t get finished, lol.

Thoth is said to be an Atlantean Priest-King who founded a colony in ancient Egypt and wrote the Emerald Tablets. I remember being fascinated by what I read and like it was sacred knowledge, but I don’t remember any details.

There is a link between Thoth and the Akashic Records. Since Thoth is the great scribe, and the Akashic Records are the collection of all recorded happenings through vibration, some believe that he is the scribe of the Akashic Records.

Either which way, I know I feel deeply connected to Ancient Egypt and its deities, and I was drawn quite intuitively and randomly to study the Akashic Records, so for me there is a connection. Although I can’t explain it.

But back to the topic of The Kybalion, I’m very excited to read more in depth info about the 7 Universal Laws, and I’ll likely share some of the highlights in another blog post ?

In love, light, truth and wisdom,


Spiritual Kung Fu Hustle

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If you can handle a little a gore (I close my eyes), then I recommend the movie Kung Fu Hustle – if you can see the metaphor behind the amazingly funny and impressive special effects.

On a side note, I’ve always felt like I know kung fu. That may sound funny, but I think it’s in my DNA. So if you’re ever walking down a dark ally with me at night, there’s no need to be afraid. I’m sure my skills will present themselves when most needed.

But back to my story… the main character in the movie, Sing, wants to be a gangster for the wealth, fame, association and pursues that for  most of the movie – going completely against his Divine nature. This is so much like how many of us make bad choices not in alignment to our true selves, sometimes for seemingly valid reasons. But still, sadly that doesn’t make it ok.

It’s not until Sing literally gets beaten into the ground and his old self metaphorically dies that his new enlightened self is born. I can relate this, let me tell you…

1.5 years of caretaking for my fiance as he battled cancer then losing him beat me into the ground pretty severely. Luckily I had many earth angels on my team, helping me in many ways I am forever grateful for.

Regardless of how horrible it was, I wouldn’t change it if I had the ability to go back and do so. The experience altered the course of my life and opened me up to my soul’s true path.

Prior to this experience I’d been way off this path. I lived in a lot of fear and was not connected to my body’s wisdom or intuition. I had an inkling there was something more for me, something I needed to do that would be more fulfilling, but I had no clue what it was.

My hope now is that, since I’m on this path and doing this Soul work that I do, I can help others find their paths and connect to their Souls so they don’t have to get beaten into a pulp by life to awaken them.

I know I shine brightly now, and my mission is to facilitate the emergence of many more bright shiny Souls!

Relationship Epiphany via Soul Level Manifesting Wisdom

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I love learning more about our Souls! So I’ve started a new program called the Soul’s Manifesting Blueprint and it is fascinating.

I’m only on the first of 7 aspects of a Soul’s Manifesting Blueprint, and surprisingly already I’ve gained A TON of insight into my relationship with my husband. Through understanding our Soul level differences, I’m able to see things that before perplexed me in a much more positive light.

The first aspect of a Soul’s Manifesting Blueprint is Similarity / Contrast. There’s a whole lot of pre-reading and stage setting info that I’ll try to summarize here so you can understand what I’m even talking about :)

Basically our Soul’s Manifesting Blueprint is how we are designed to experience our Divinity during our human experience. We incarnate on Earth to have this physical 3D experience where we’re separate from other souls – we’re in bodies. When we’re not incarnated we don’t have this experience because we’re all connected.

So we experience ourselves and our Divinity through our physicality in relation to others and what we are not.

We each have a unique Blueprint with 7 different areas that tells us how we are designed to best experience ourselves in relation to others and our environment. The first one, which I mentioned above, is Similarity / Contrast.

I am strongly a Similarity Soul – so I seek to be “like” others, environments, situations, etc. My husband (although I haven’t check his Blueprint yet so I’m not 100% sure) is Contrast.

What this looks like in our relationship is me wanting and liking stability, while my husband, as soon as we accomplish one milestone or goal – he’s right on to the next one. I like to be in the likeness, enjoy my creations, while he needs to be constantly experiencing contrast to his environment.

So at times I honestly feel like he’s the rabbit and I’m the turtle in the Race of Rabbit and Turtle children’s story! He’s constantly racing from one thing to the next, while I take my time and really immerse myself in things. Not saying that I don’t create like a mofo too, I just like to take breathers and adjust once I reach a goal.

Anyways, previously this difference was baffling to me! Because I’m like – why can’t you just rest for a minute and enjoy what we’ve created?? But now that I understand his Contrast Soul makeup, it totally makes sense. At soul level it’s not comfortable for him to be in like resonance with things. He needs to experience the contrast.

And just to clarify – it’s not a being at odds with things contrast, it’s a recognizing the differences and being in harmony with them contrast. That being said, the bottom line is that he needs to have new goals to be working towards at all times.

I on the other hand enjoy seeing the same thing and am comfortable steeping myself in what I’ve created as it is without thinking about what’s going to come next.

The next step for me will be to figure out how to navigate these situations with the wisdom and insight I now have. Figuring out a way to honour both of the ways our Souls were designed :)

If you’d like to learn more about your Soul-level self, why not try a Soul Profile reading? You can book one here: Soul Profile Reading!

Why I Love Spirit Guide Coaching (and you should too!)

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SGC program blog

I’m feeling all jazzed up about Spirit Guide Coaching right now. I’ve been alpha testing my new Spirit Guide Coaching program along with some amazing software that provides exquisite client support in between sessions.

Working with Spirit Guides is frickin’ awesome!

And this ain’t no airy fairy shit. This is a serious program for those serious about achieving their goals, feeling better and building the life they truly want.

It’s been incredibly neat to interact with people and their Spirit Guides on the reg. In the program we have sessions weekly or every other week, and it’s been a treat to see how much people can get clarity and take meaningful actions when they work with their Guides.

I’ve seen some awesome results and am so proud of my practice clients.

The program is very different for each client, which is so neat. But makes perfect sense. Each person is so different and has a Guide team specifically assigned to them to help them achieve their highest purpose in this lifetime, or whatever that person wants really.

Your Guides want the best for you, and they’re super happy whenever they get the chance to interact with you and help you in a more direct way. And who knows you better than your Inner Circle Guides? The ones who are assigned to you and only you for this lifetime…

Each session is like Christmas for me! I don’t know what to expect but I know I will love the surprise. Sometimes a client needs a guided meditation to facilitate clearing, sometimes their Guides ask a lot of questions to get them saying brilliant things that help them figure out next steps, sometimes Guides give massive to do lists.

Whatever comes through is perfect for the client. Speaking of which – massive thank you to each of my practice clients! You have been an inspiration and great help, I love everything you’re achieving through the program.

The regular sessions keep clients motivated and on track. It’s so easy, and I know I’ve done it myself too, to have great intentions after a healing session.

“Yes! I’m going to do X, Y and Z and nothing is going to stop me!” And then we stop ourselves… Life gets busy…

For people who are truly committed to changing their lives, this is the way to go. We work together with your Guides for 3 glorious months, so you start by getting a lot of clarity, then make changes, then ensure the changes stick when challenges come up. Instead of resorting to your old habit patterns, we reinforce the new good ones.

Ok now I’m going to geek out a little about the software : ) When you’re in the Spirit Guide Coaching program you get access to your own client portal:

  • There’s a client log in the portal that we use to communicate in between sessions – you can share wins and get help with stuck points.
  • There’s a Call Strategy form you use to get laser focused for each session and so we make the best use of your time on the calls.
  • There’s a Post-Session Recap form that enables you to process and really ground what came up in the session.
  • And much more!

So now maybe you can understand why I love Spirit Guide Coaching so much.

It’s going to enter the beta test phase soon at a hugely discounted price, so keep your eyes open for that!

Love and light,


Post-Cleanse: Let it All Sink In…

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It is now Day 4 and my cleanse is over! I almost wanted to do the salt water flush this morning anyways though because I really found great benefit in it. Since I had no food in my stomach, it was able to clear out lingering crud. Hope that wasn’t TMI!

Last night a had a mini orange. This morning I had a mango smoothie with kefir and almond/coconut milk. So far not actually feeling so great today. I feel light and spacy…

During a session with a client yesterday though when I connected to their Spirit Guide team and brought in messages/guidance during the session, I felt very connected and in the flow. Info was just flowing out and I was going with it : ) So that was cool!

I wonder if I’m a little ungrounded though because of working in the Akashic Records while cleansing? The combo of not having heavy food in my system and being in that higher dimensional space… Yeah… It will be interesting to see how this day progresses.

Right now I do feel like things are still shifting for me. Often after I do a 10 meditation, when I come back there are a few days where I just need to be still. And I feel like that’s what is being called for now – stillness. Hermit crab time! It’s like things are processing in my body and I just need to carve out/allow that space for whatever is happening to happen.

I’m still thinking about that bean and cheese taco though… My amazing husband just got groceries ordered so he can make me, well, us, lol, a nice pasta for dinner tonight, so I’m looking forward to that! My portion size will likely be smaller than normal, but I know I will enjoy it immensely.

In conclusion – I am so very happy I participated in this group cleanse! I’ve never done a group cleanse before, and I found it very beneficial to have a cleanse moderator who was there to offer support.

I loved that Desiree provided a list of how to integrate food back in. It makes sense as I feel my mango smoothie is just sitting in my stomach, if I’d gone for the burrito first, that would have caused an even bigger backlog! Start with things to get digestion moving again.

I feel like journalling more today because a lot of stuff came up for me that was unexpected over this cleanse. Massive thank you to Desiree for all the work she did in organizing the cleanse! I’m looking forward to getting her channeled tones and codes tomorrow as I feel that will activate some things in me and also help everything integrate.

Day 3 – Reflections on the Value of Pausing

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Today is the third and final day of my master cleanse. I’m feeling very grateful to the organizer, Desiree, for making this happen and for all the info she’s provided over the 3 days.

I never really thought of cleansing as spiritual before, but it very much is. I’ve had some deep epiphanies during the cleanse. The biggest one for me was that my indecision and wishy washy-ness are really affecting certain areas of my life. I’m really questioning my path, and my dedication to my path. I hadn’t really stopped to assess how much I was giving to each area of my life, but I did that while cleansing, because that’s what came up for me to deal with and heal.

It’s so easy to charge in one direction without really thinking it through, or just go with the flow without pausing. That’s why pauses are so valuable. It’s time for evaluation. When there’s no eating, or the socializing that goes along with eating, these days have given me ample time for self reflection.

Energetically I feel lighter, so I know I’ve released some thing that way too. Not to mention physically. When the body is not taxed with digesting food, it’s really able to heal things that need healing. So I’m definitely feeling some healing going on for me internally too.

I feel like my body is in a healing spot today. I’m lower on energy than I was yesterday. I did not wake up at 4:30 again : ) And I felt like I could have slept past 6 a.m. easily.

One thing Desiree pointed out that I’ve done on previous cleanses was to ease back into food, not jump right back in. I’d been planning to cleanse all day today then go for a breakfast bean and cheese burrito tomorrow, but now I’m re-thinking that.

Should probably start introducing some different fluids and possibly fruits this evening.

There’s still one full day to go so it’s not over yet. But I’m already feeling better and very happy that I did this!