Astrological Lionsgate Today!

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I chose this funny picture of a kitty cat dressed up as a lion to accompany this blog post because during this Lionsgate time it can feel like we’re not fully embodying lion mode yet. Aka, we’re a little uncertain of our steps but we really want to get out there so we are.

Which is great! Because it’s simply in the getting out there and showing up as we want to be that will cause us to embody this new way of being going forward.

The Lionsgate is an astrological occurrence that runs from July 26 to August 12 with today, 8-8, being the biggest deal. However, I’ve also read that it runs from July 23 to August 22, so it looks like there are differing views on it out there.

Since I am not an astrologer, I will simply suggest you google it if you’d like more details.

What I do know and have been feeling are the energies of this, which have been really intense and a lot to deal with.

On the positive side, the Lionsgate sends an influx of higher vibrational energy for us to use – joy!

And then on the other side… there is energy encouraging us to release, and at the same time energy encouraging us to really get out there and be our true selves.

It’s hard to be all happy and outgoing and such while working on deep level releasing.

So it feels like there’s a juggling act, which is not always smooth and seamless, between these two.

Also remember: when higher vibrational energy comes in, it really stirs things up. Yes it’s fantastic that we all get an up-levelling boost, but when you raise your vibration – what no longer resonates to you must fall away.

This can look like people dropping away or relationships ending, the desire to get rid of possessions, or physical issues.

The good news is that all this releasing opens up space energetically for more of what you are now aligned to. So let’s all agree to suck it up for the greater good and make it through this together.

And to use it as a time to really align to who we are at Soul level.

My fave quote from all the articles I’ve read on this is to “expect a major shift in your life that brings in harmony and peace.”

Ok, I will!

And I hope you do too : )

In love, light, and truth,

Twyla K

Past Life Vows = Big Present Life Issues

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You know when you decide to join a religious or other spiritual organization, and then you partake in a ritual to initiate you, and in that ritual you make a very solemn Vow? Well, that type of thing stays in your Soul Record and can have very far-reaching effects…

Ok, so maybe none of us decided to do that in this lifetime. In this lifetime and in this day and age Vow making is a little less common.

But in days and centuries gone by – it’s fair to say that we probably all made a Vow of some sort.

What sort you ask?

Well, the most common Vows I see are Obedience, Chastity, Poverty, Suffering, Sacrifice and Silence.

A less common one that popped up in a reading recently was a Vow of Charity, so cool to find! Well, for me as a Soul Geek but not for my client…

I suppose in a good way for the client too though because clearing it made a HUGE difference asap.

This dang Vow of Charity had my client giving and giving and giving. And giving.

Her intention for what she wanted to create in the next 3-6 months was to get her finances in order, and her big goal was to not be working at a J-O-B past the age of 40. So this girl needed to start saving.

But that was just not happening when she had this Vow of Charity going on. Friends and family would ask for money, sizable chunks of money, and she would lovingly give it to them and never see it again.

Obviously this was not helping her reach her goal.

So when I did my research in her Soul Record and discovered and cleared this Vow of Charity, we were able to shift things in a big way fast.

The Universe typically puts new opportunities (aka challenges) in our path so we can choose a healthier way of being post-Akashic Record clearing. And this happened for my client.

Within the first week after her session an old friend asked for a large sum of money (a friend who she’d already lent money in the past and had not paid her back). And a family member also needed money, again someone who she’d given money to in the past and it was like a black hole – she never saw any of it again.

Post-clearing she was able to – and this is massive – WITHOUT FEELING GUILTY – say no to both people.

She was also internally able to discern between healthy charity – giving a small sum to a friend who was actively working to help herself, vs. unhealthy charity – giving to people who really should be able to figure out their issues and support themselves on their own.

I learned a lot from her too! Charity can be a beautiful thing, but it can also be debilitating if it’s not done appropriately. This lady has the biggest heart and truly loves helping others, and now she can do it in a way that works for her too.

As you can see, this past life Vow had my client stuck in a pattern of over-giving. By identifying and clearing the Vow, and getting clarity around the new positive energy and way of being she wanted to bring in instead – this lady is now on her way to achieve her intention of getting her finances in order.

I’m so proud of her!

Of course it will take work at the physical third-dimensional level to make it happen and for her to actually put her finances in order. With the Vow cleared she was able to take that first big step in the right direction – the major block to her being able to do it is gone – and I know she’s committed to taking all the needed next steps to see it through.

In love, light and truth,

Twyla K


The Fascinating Power of Connected Consciousness

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Client, in a slightly hesitant voice: “So… when did you do the actual work in my Akashic Record?”

Me: “Well, I started on it several days ago.”

Client: “Oh… I see. Because I started feeling different at about that time, like I had a huge burst of energy and I started cleaning my house and working on that project I’d been putting off forever! And I totally handled this situation I’ve been struggling with in a different good way!”

I love hearing this and it highlights two very fascinating things:

  1. Shared consciousness as a standalone and also as it applies to healing too
  2. The power of consciousness and the effects of soul realignment

To the first point, the only way / explanation for my clients feeling the shift the moment I’m in their Akashic Record doing my research into their blocks is that we all share consciousness. Their and my consciousness clearly are even more directly linked, I believe through the agreement we make for me to initiate Akashic Record clearing work on their behalf.

So the moment that I bring to light and to my consciousness their root cause blocks, they instantly feel and know it at a deep unconscious level. Just like the flower of life in the picture above, we’re all like little individual seeds that are connected to everyone else.

Now, this fascinating phenomenon does typically happen more with my energetically sensitive clients, but I have also noticed it in “normal” folks’ sessions too, lol. I remember one such lady asking me when I’d done the work in her Akashic Record because she’d been able to not get totally pissed off at the father of her child [who she’s no longer with] in a situation a few days ago where he bailed on her and she would have normally freaked out.

She was able to remain calm and handle the situation much differently. And this was even before we talked about the hook she had that energetically attached her to her ex, her negative Spirit Guide, and the Vows that were all the root causes of her not being able to move on from him, which she dearly wanted to do.

To the second point, consciousness really does equal power. And as I touched on last week, it equals responsibility too. Soul realignment, funnily enough, realigns you to who you are at Soul level. It clears away the blocks that were keeping you from being able to be the real you and in doing so not only makes those previously blocked off actions/ways of being available to you again, but also gives you a nice blast aka in-flow of vital force energy.

This vital force energy boost literally gives you a nice big burst of motivation, good feelings, and energy. You can use this energy for any number of things, but the hope/idea is that when we then bring your consciousness to the negative patterns you were stuck in, you use the energy to take positive new actions.

It’s like you’re a car with gunky old nasty oil – all clogged up and moving slow, and also lost – driving around in circles. Through the inflow of vital force energy, it’s like giving you an oil change and tune up so things are flowing as they should again and you’re really able to get moving again.Vroom vroom!

And not only that, but you get clear on the direction you need to be going so you’re able to get where you want to go. This part happens when we look at the negative patterns you were spinning around in circles unconsciously in and determine what you can do differently now.

I absolutely love it when clients tell me they felt a HUGE shift even before our phone session together, it makes my day. It also helps me take my ego out of the work I do because I’m simply the catalyst.

I’m the Akashic Record Librarian who goes in and does the research and brings muchly needed-to-know things to light so they can be released and you can determine what you need to do differently to change your life.

That’s it, LOL. Luckily it’s a pretty specialized niche though and not everyone is doing it : )

In love, light and truth,

Twyla K

Navigating the Highs & Lows of Healing

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Healing sessions aren’t all sunshine and roses. That’s the reality of it.

Depending on the type of healing session you have there can be a number of different side effects that should be considered before you jump on into a session. I’m only going to cover a few, so it would be best to do your own research on any other types of sessions you’re considering.

On my recent trip to Chicago for the Invincible Healer workshop, there was a lot of energy clearing work going on in a number of forms including channeled prayer, group clearings, and reiki.

I was really tuned in and set the intention to get the most out of all the clearings. On day 2 I started to notice a bit of rash on my jawline, no big deal. But then when I got home it had spread to my neck and face, and even my eyelids were puffing up causing me to look like Quasimodo. Ugh!

So one side effect can be the release of the old through physical channels.

I also felt very drained and could tell that my physical body was now playing catch up to all the energetic work that had happened on other levels. I’ve also had this happen after my 10-day silent meditation courses, I come back home and am knocked out for the next week.

Another side effect is the time and effort it takes to physically process the healing.

I’m not sharing this to scare you, I’m putting out there as something to factor in when you immerse yourself in deep healing. It’s important to give yourself the time and space for everything to integrate.

A third interesting side effect that I’ve noticed with the Akashic Record soul realignment work I do for clients stems from the “consciousness = power = responsibility” equation.

When I bring a client’s consciousness to the negative patterns of choice that they’re engaging in, they now have the power to change it and the responsibility to do so. But they can (and I’ve seen this happen) choose not to embrace the responsibility and power, and instead continue to stay in the same negative patterns.

But now, because they’re consciously doing it, the consequences from the Universe are a lot bigger and they will create a lot more dis-empowerment and discomfort for themselves. Yuck!

Who wants that right? That being said, it can be inconvenient to make major life changes, and so sometimes people just don’t want to put in the work on their end.

Have you had healing sessions that stirred up stuff for you to release, required time to physically process, or empowered you and then you needed to step up to take action to change your life?

If so, I’d love to hear about it!

Share your stories below : )

In Love, Light and Truth,

Twyla K

How to Maintain Good Energy in Social Situations

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As energetically sensitive beings, it can be overwhelming to be around a lot of people, to be social, and to do this for an extended period of time.

This was definitely an issue for me this past weekend when I spent 6 hours at my booth at the Guiding Light Healing Arts Festival.

While I was a little social butterfly and chatty and all that during the festival, by 5pm I felt totally energetically tapped out.

So what can you do when there are certain social situations that you need to be part of but yet will take a lot out of you energetically?

Here are three measures you can take:

  1. Put a layer of protection up. My favourite is to visualize a rainbow energetic shield around me and set the intention that only love is able to pass both ways through the shield. That way energetic crud cannot get through.
  2. Ask your angels to provide you with a second layer of protection and to be with you for the entire time. Also ask them only to bring good people your who have lovely positive energy.
  3. When you are interacting with people, really be aware of how your energy level is holding up. When you notice yourself starting to feel drained, you can 1) recenter yourself in the moment by observing your breath, and/or 2) wrap up the conversation and get to a quiet space where you can take a little time to recharge.

Next time I go to this festival I am definitely bringing a grounding stone like my mochi ball or green moss agate too. I was very spacy when I left!

One last tip, especially when you’re in a situation where you’re meeting a lot of new people, is to really be discerning of those you meet. I know we all want to think the best of everyone, but there are negative peeps out there that will just drain your energy and not be good for you.

Notice things like negative talk, focusing on negative things, giving unwanted advice, and creepy gut feelings. All of these are red flags.

Being lightworkers and empaths, we often feel like we have to be nice to everyone. But that’s not honouring of us. We need to put ourselves first, and not put up with negative people.

If you encounter a negative person while you’re out and about, as soon as you pick up on it, make an excuse and leave : ) It’s nice to have a go-to excuse handy too. So think up one in advance that you feel comfortable saying.

I hope this has helped! Feel free to share any tips you have too.

In love, light and truth,

Twyla K

Twyla K is the owner of Soul Shine Healing & Coaching. She offers free energy scans to help people who are tired of feeling stuck uncover their energetic blocks and get their soul sparkle for life back. Email Twyla at to book your free scan today!

Embracing My Inner Spiritual Geek

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I was a nerd in school. Don’t let the shiny pink dress fool you.

There was a brief year or two long stint in junior high where I was in the semi-popular group, but that didn’t last. Because of this, I have a finely tuned “coolness” radar. I don’t know why it’s still functioning, but it is.

At my most recent Connect to Your Spirit Guides Workshop, my coolness radar was bleeping loudly.

Typically my workshops have been 20- to 50-something-year-old men and women, but last Saturday there was a 13 year old boy in the front row of my workshop. He was there with his mom and I had no idea whether he was himself interested in Spirit Guides or was just there because he had to be (I suspected the latter).

Even though I’ve experienced what amazing things can happen when I work with my Spirit Guides, there’s still an element of nervousness when I step in front of a new group of people to share what I know.

So seeing this cool 13 year old sitting front and center made me feel like the geeky girl in middle school all over again. Even more so because I was sharing some deeply personal information and concepts that are … well, let’s just say not “mainstream” yet.

Some people may laugh at this and because for them it may not be a big deal at all. But for me – it’s a big deal!

However, I somehow managed not to let this derail me and my workshop, lol. I had to put all my insecurities behind me – or at least shove them so far back in my psyche that they were only tiny murmurs instead of loud voices.

In that moment I re-committed to, embraced and owned that I’m a big Spiritual Geek. I was able to geek out about Spirit Guides for 2 glorious hours with great enthusiasm and a lot of people had really meaningful experiences and connections with their Guides.

It’s interesting how in life we have a choice on what we focus on at all times. Do we focus on the one thing that may not support us? Or do we focus on our mission and all the positive possibilities?

If I’d let my own personal insecurities knock me off my game, then the following gem of an experience would not have happened near the very end of the 2-hour workshop:

I heard and noticed this boy point at his paper when we were doing the channeled writing exercise, and then he and his mom were laughing, so I had to ask what it was about.

Apparently he’d gotten an actual message from his Guides and was really startled / surprised by it. Hearing that almost made me tear up, and in fact thinking about it right now is making me tear up.

You just never know what impact your efforts may have, or when.

In love, light, and truth,

Twyla K

Side note: Thanks goes out to my mom for saving and scrap booking this pic of me when I was 9 years old.

Twyla K is the owner of Soul Shine Healing & Coaching. She offers free energy scans to help people who are tired of feeling stuck uncover their energetic blocks and get their soul sparkle for life back. Email Twyla at to book your free scan today!

How Your Past Lives Impact Your Relationships

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If you’re in a romantic relationship right now, chances are this is not you and your partner’s first rodeo.

What do I mean by that? Well, we typically have many shared lifetimes with those we connect with at deep and intimate levels.

As I work on an Akashic Record relationship reading for a client this morning, it’s fascinating to reflect on the impact that shared past incarnations have on current life relationships.

It’s common to see Souls incarnate as neighbours or coworkers, then a little bit more distant family members, then closer family members, until they finally decide to do some serious work together and incarnate in a romantic relationship or marriage.

At this point the Souls will have quite the connection, and also conversely quite the karma built up between them! You know those trigger buttons your partner pushes like an expert? Yup – that’s karma.

Sometimes it can be cleared, but at the very least the situation where the karma was created can be identified and explained so you get an understanding of how to do things differently – if you want to stop freaking out and getting super annoyed.

Then there are times when Souls launch right into being lovers or marriage, and then they’re not going to have that familiarity that Souls who have been working together for much longer have. Or the karma – joy : )

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this. It simply means that their Soul wanted to experience something new.

If you’re in a relationship right now or reflecting on a previous relationship, take a moment to feel into it. Did you have many previous lifetimes together or is it a fairly new feeling type of encounter?

And then, if you want more relationship harmony, understanding, love, and all the other good things you can imagine but are struggling to create – email me and we can talk about what an Akashic Record relationship reading and clearing could do for you!

In love, light and truth,

Twyla K

3 Steps to Crush Your Manifesting Process

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Ever since I completed my Soul Manifesting Blueprint course, a question has been wiggling around in my head. It’s a question about manifesting, (obviously).

You see, I can now tell people how they are wired to manifest – and I know how I am wired to manifest – BUT, the whole area of shifting from one vibrational state to another still baffles me.

And so, while I promised myself I would not sign up for any more trainings until I’d really implemented the last one … when I saw my teacher Andrrea Hess offering a new class on Reading the Future in the Akashic Records and it was all about how to shift vibrational states and how to know what shifts to make …. well … I hope you see how it would be impossible for me NOT to sign up for this course. It so nicely builds on and complements the previous course.

So I signed up. And I am totally geeking out and loving it!

Yes, it is a whole different frame of reference than reading the past in the Akashic Records and it will take me some time to wrap my head around.

But in my heart I am SO excited about it!!!

So far what I’ve learned is that the future isn’t something we “step” into, there are NOT several paths laid out before us and we choose one and walk on it.

What actually happens is that we fully embody a new vibrational state and become someone new through the new choices we make and actions we take. It’s once we embody a new vibrational state that new circumstances are attracted into our experience.

Life doesn’t happen “to” us. I remember when I was younger this was something I believed. That my perfect guy would see me and find me. What I failed to realize was 1) that’s not how things work, and 2) that was an entirely disempowering perspective – where was my choice and discernment in that process?

Luckily I discovered the error of my ways and when I FOUND my future husband and decided that he was a good fit for me from a logical and value-based perspective – I intentionally worked on developing that relationship as the timing was right for me.

That opens up a whole other can of worms when someone else’s freewill is involved, as I’m sure my husband would be happy to tell you. Our timelines for our relationship were at odds due to my intense grieving process. But it all worked out in the end. And there was the possibility that it wouldn’t have.

Had I not done the work to fully grieve, I would not have embodied the vibrational state needed to allow him fully into my life in a marriage commitment level capacity.

He had choices to make at various points along the way whether or not to wait for me or to move on to another lady.

One thing is for sure, the future is ever-changing and shifting.

There are things you can do to crush your manifesting process and create the future you want though. Here are 3 helpful steps:

  1. Release any egoic attachment to what reaching your desired outcome means for you. Understand that manifesting is really playfully engaging in your Divine creative abilities. You are not what you create. You do not suck if you don’t reach your goal. Once you release attachment to the outcome, you really open up to your manifesting abilities.
  2. Let go of any “shoulds” when you set your goals. You know, those family legacy shoulds, or the societal conditioning shoulds. These can be tricky to identify because they can be very deeply ingrained. So this step can take a bit of true soul searching and effort.
  3. Be realistic about your goals. Manifesting in the 3rd dimension means that you are subject to 3rd dimensional reality – things take time! If you’ve never attempted a certain goal before, talk to someone who has so you can get their insight into how long and how much effort it will realistically take.

If you’re as excited about manifesting and owning your Divine creatorship as me, then stay tuned for more blog posts on this fascinating topic.

In love, light, and truth,

Twyla K

Twyla K is the owner of Soul Shine Healing & Coaching. She offers free energy scans to help people who are tired of feeling stuck uncover their energetic blocks and get their soul sparkle for life back. Email Twyla at to book your free scan today!

What it Really Takes to Manifest Your Desires

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What does fruit have to do with manifesting? Oh boy! Let me tell you…

The often over-looked aspect of manifesting that many people want to ignore because it’s the hardest is: Actually shifting our physical vibration. It would be so wonderful if we could magically wish ourselves into new circumstances!

But the reality is that our actual physical vibration needs to shift before we can truly embody a new state and therefore attract the new circumstances we want.

Sorry if that burst any bubbles you may have had…

AND to do this, we need to make changes in ALL areas of our life – not just the one that we want to manifest something in.

I’ve got a great example to bring this concept home. My intention is to manifest growth in my business so I can positively impact the lives of more people – that’s a business/money/career intention. So I’m taking new action that excites me in that area, but it doesn’t stop there.

I need to make changes at the level of my health too, which I am.

At the 8 day silent meditation course I recently completed we didn’t have dinner. Our last meal of the day was at 11am. So I brought a version of this home for my husband and I – we now eat fruit bowls and rice crackers for dinner. And it is amazing! I feel lighter, no grogginess in the evening, more energy. So cool. And not easy. Making a big change to our routine takes effort and time and adjusting.

But it doesn’t stop there either! I’ve also started doing 3 minute zumba videos in the mornings Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Mixing up and spicing up my exercise routine.

And lastly, I’m doing a series of new stretches daily. That rounds out my new health related actions – and keep in mind that I’m wired for variety at soul level so I need to take a variety of new actions. Those wired for consistency would only need to take new action in one area, but do it way more often.

This takes care of the new empowered actions I’m doing at the physical level for health and exercise.

But there need to be NEW actions in another area as well – relationships.

It’s so neat how health, money/career, and relationships are all intertwined energetically. We need to make changes in all 3 areas to create and sustain a new vibration and manifest what we want.

In my relationships I’m finding new ways to embody the empowered energetic state too. It takes creativity and effort, and it can be fun! But for some people, it’s too much work, lol. Manifesting isn’t for the faint of heart. And there may be energetic blocks stopping you from being able to take certain positive new actions.

To sum it up – three ways to change your vibration at the physical level so you can manifest what you want are to:

  • Switch up your diet and/or exercise routine – obviously making it more healthy (not less!)
  • Think of a new way to monitor or operate with your finances/business/career and then commit to doing that for at least 21 days
  • Think of 2-3 new actions you can take to bring the energy of your intention into your relationships (doesn’t have to be romantic relationships, can be any relationships – even the relationship with yourself) then do them consistently

The key is to do these new actions consistently for at least 21 days so you fully embody the energies at the physical level. That’s what causes shifts and new wonderful circumstances to unfold!

I’d love to hear how this works for you if you try it out : )

In love, light and truth,

Twyla K

Twyla K is the owner of Soul Shine Healing & Coaching. She offers free energy scans to help people who are tired of feeling stuck uncover where their energetic blocks are so they can re-ignite their soul sparkle for life. Email Twyla at to book your free scan today!

The Power of Soul Aligned Flow!

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Something absolutely beautiful happens when you know who you are at Soul level and you live in line with that…

You have more access to Divine Source energy, more flow in your life, more abundance – it’s amazing. The more I live into my purpose and express my Divine gift and nature in what I do, the better life gets.

I went through a very dark time from 2011 to 2014. This was when Sang, the man I was engaged to, got diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer; underwent horrific chemo, radiation and surgeries; and then passed away. What followed was 2 years of intense grief.

During this time my energy took a massive hit. I could do very little – maybe one social activity per week on good weeks. Slowly this did improve, but it definitely has lingered even till now.

5 years since Sang passed, as I truly embrace and live into my purpose of bringing love, light, healing and consciousness to the world, I’m finally noticing that my energy level is increasing.

It seems crazy to think that it took 5 years to finally feel almost back to “normal”. And I do understand that I’m working with a new normal, not exactly what I had before.

I also really feel and know deeply that this recent internal expansion is because of my external expansion. When you express the Divine energies you are naturally abundant in, you attract more abundance in your life because like attracts like.

I wish I could connect everyone to the truth of who they are at Soul level! That’s one of my life missions. Well, to connect as many people as I can…

What’s your deep purpose? What lights you up? Are you doing that? Do you feel connected that? Or is it something that feels like it’s beyond your grasp?

It doesn’t have to! You can connect to it and then work on bringing your unique light more and more into the world. The world definitely needs more of this : )

In love, light and truth,


Twyla K is the owner of Soul Shine Healing & Coaching. She offers free energy scans to help people who are tired of feeling stuck uncover the truth of what’s energetically holding them back and get their soul sparkle for life back. Email Twyla at to book your free scan today!