How the Akashic Records Can Help Mother Daughter Relationships

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While working on a relationship reading for a couple last week, I was reminded that relationship readings can be done for parents and children too. The picture to the left is of me and my mom when I was just born.

Ah being born… As a baby I had no idea what issues I’d get to experience as I grew up with my mom. No idea what our relationship dynamic would be. And also no idea until I studied Soul Realignment that I chose to incarnate with my parents knowing the potential for growth it presented.

As an adult, I know that my mom can push my buttons like almost no one else can! So much history… And likely not just from this lifetime.

Since my mom is coming to stay with us for a week soon, I’m feeling it’s finally time to do a relationship reading for my mother and I. It’s not just about randomly going in and seeing what shared karma and other blocks we have, it’s about setting my intention for what I want to create instead of what I’m currently experiencing.

So I’ll need to sit with that for a while. Really think about how I want our relationship to be now. Depending on what I find in the reading, I may or may not share it in another blog post!


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