Embracing My Inner Spiritual Geek


I was a nerd in school. Don’t let the shiny pink dress fool you.

There was a brief year or two long stint in junior high where I was in the semi-popular group, but that didn’t last. Because of this, I have a finely tuned “coolness” radar. I don’t know why it’s still functioning, but it is.

At my most recent Connect to Your Spirit Guides Workshop, my coolness radar was bleeping loudly.

Typically my workshops have been 20- to 50-something-year-old men and women, but last Saturday there was a 13 year old boy in the front row of my workshop. He was there with his mom and I had no idea whether he was himself interested in Spirit Guides or was just there because he had to be (I suspected the latter).

Even though I’ve experienced what amazing things can happen when I work with my Spirit Guides, there’s still an element of nervousness when I step in front of a new group of people to share what I know.

So seeing this cool 13 year old sitting front and center made me feel like the geeky girl in middle school all over again. Even more so because I was sharing some deeply personal information and concepts that are … well, let’s just say not “mainstream” yet.

Some people may laugh at this and because for them it may not be a big deal at all. But for me – it’s a big deal!

However, I somehow managed not to let this derail me and my workshop, lol. I had to put all my insecurities behind me – or at least shove them so far back in my psyche that they were only tiny murmurs instead of loud voices.

In that moment I re-committed to, embraced and owned that I’m a big Spiritual Geek. I was able to geek out about Spirit Guides for 2 glorious hours with great enthusiasm and a lot of people had really meaningful experiences and connections with their Guides.

It’s interesting how in life we have a choice on what we focus on at all times. Do we focus on the one thing that may not support us? Or do we focus on our mission and all the positive possibilities?

If I’d let my own personal insecurities knock me off my game, then the following gem of an experience would not have happened near the very end of the 2-hour workshop:

I heard and noticed this boy point at his paper when we were doing the channeled writing exercise, and then he and his mom were laughing, so I had to ask what it was about.

Apparently he’d gotten an actual message from his Guides and was really startled / surprised by it. Hearing that almost made me tear up, and in fact thinking about it right now is making me tear up.

You just never know what impact your efforts may have, or when.

In love, light, and truth,

Twyla K

Side note: Thanks goes out to my mom for saving and scrap booking this pic of me when I was 9 years old.

Twyla K is the owner of Soul Shine Healing & Coaching. She offers free energy scans to help people who are tired of feeling stuck uncover their energetic blocks and get their soul sparkle for life back. Email Twyla at soulshine@twylak.com to book your free scan today!

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