How Your Past Lives Impact Your Relationships


If you’re in a romantic relationship right now, chances are this is not you and your partner’s first rodeo.

What do I mean by that? Well, we typically have many shared lifetimes with those we connect with at deep and intimate levels.

As I work on an Akashic Record relationship reading for a client this morning, it’s fascinating to reflect on the impact that shared past incarnations have on current life relationships.

It’s common to see Souls incarnate as neighbours or coworkers, then a little bit more distant family members, then closer family members, until they finally decide to do some serious work together and incarnate in a romantic relationship or marriage.

At this point the Souls will have quite the connection, and also conversely quite the karma built up between them! You know those trigger buttons your partner pushes like an expert? Yup – that’s karma.

Sometimes it can be cleared, but at the very least the situation where the karma was created can be identified and explained so you get an understanding of how to do things differently – if you want to stop freaking out and getting super annoyed.

Then there are times when Souls launch right into being lovers or marriage, and then they’re not going to have that familiarity that Souls who have been working together for much longer have. Or the karma – joy : )

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this. It simply means that their Soul wanted to experience something new.

If you’re in a relationship right now or reflecting on a previous relationship, take a moment to feel into it. Did you have many previous lifetimes together or is it a fairly new feeling type of encounter?

And then, if you want more relationship harmony, understanding, love, and all the other good things you can imagine but are struggling to create – email me and we can talk about what an Akashic Record relationship reading and clearing could do for you!

In love, light and truth,

Twyla K


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