3 Steps to Crush Your Manifesting Process


Ever since I completed my Soul Manifesting Blueprint course, a question has been wiggling around in my head. It’s a question about manifesting, (obviously).

You see, I can now tell people how they are wired to manifest – and I know how I am wired to manifest – BUT, the whole area of shifting from one vibrational state to another still baffles me.

And so, while I promised myself I would not sign up for any more trainings until I’d really implemented the last one … when I saw my teacher Andrrea Hess offering a new class on Reading the Future in the Akashic Records and it was all about how to shift vibrational states and how to know what shifts to make …. well … I hope you see how it would be impossible for me NOT to sign up for this course. It so nicely builds on and complements the previous course.

So I signed up. And I am totally geeking out and loving it!

Yes, it is a whole different frame of reference than reading the past in the Akashic Records and it will take me some time to wrap my head around.

But in my heart I am SO excited about it!!!

So far what I’ve learned is that the future isn’t something we “step” into, there are NOT several paths laid out before us and we choose one and walk on it.

What actually happens is that we fully embody a new vibrational state and become someone new through the new choices we make and actions we take. It’s once we embody a new vibrational state that new circumstances are attracted into our experience.

Life doesn’t happen “to” us. I remember when I was younger this was something I believed. That my perfect guy would see me and find me. What I failed to realize was 1) that’s not how things work, and 2) that was an entirely disempowering perspective – where was my choice and discernment in that process?

Luckily I discovered the error of my ways and when I FOUND my future husband and decided that he was a good fit for me from a logical and value-based perspective – I intentionally worked on developing that relationship as the timing was right for me.

That opens up a whole other can of worms when someone else’s freewill is involved, as I’m sure my husband would be happy to tell you. Our timelines for our relationship were at odds due to my intense grieving process. But it all worked out in the end. And there was the possibility that it wouldn’t have.

Had I not done the work to fully grieve, I would not have embodied the vibrational state needed to allow him fully into my life in a marriage commitment level capacity.

He had choices to make at various points along the way whether or not to wait for me or to move on to another lady.

One thing is for sure, the future is ever-changing and shifting.

There are things you can do to crush your manifesting process and create the future you want though. Here are 3 helpful steps:

  1. Release any egoic attachment to what reaching your desired outcome means for you. Understand that manifesting is really playfully engaging in your Divine creative abilities. You are not what you create. You do not suck if you don’t reach your goal. Once you release attachment to the outcome, you really open up to your manifesting abilities.
  2. Let go of any “shoulds” when you set your goals. You know, those family legacy shoulds, or the societal conditioning shoulds. These can be tricky to identify because they can be very deeply ingrained. So this step can take a bit of true soul searching and effort.
  3. Be realistic about your goals. Manifesting in the 3rd dimension means that you are subject to 3rd dimensional reality – things take time! If you’ve never attempted a certain goal before, talk to someone who has so you can get their insight into how long and how much effort it will realistically take.

If you’re as excited about manifesting and owning your Divine creatorship as me, then stay tuned for more blog posts on this fascinating topic.

In love, light, and truth,

Twyla K

Twyla K is the owner of Soul Shine Healing & Coaching. She offers free energy scans to help people who are tired of feeling stuck uncover their energetic blocks and get their soul sparkle for life back. Email Twyla at soulshine@twylak.com to book your free scan today!

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